16 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $55 for the Ladies in Your Life

The women in your life have had your back with or without an official valentine, so they deserve a little someting special on Cupid's favorite holiday.

Virginia Lowman Feb, 02, 2016

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Way back when you were hoping your crush would send you a carnation and a Valentine Gram during third period on Valentine's Day, your bestie already had your gift covered just in case your crush didn't come through. The women in your life have had your back with or without an official valentine, so they deserve a little someting special on Cupid's favorite holiday.

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Winter is brutal on skin, so beach inspired body oil is perfect for hydrating skin while also serving as a sweet reminder that beach days are around the corner.

$3, available at nordstrom.com

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If your gal pal is always jet setting somewhere, this travel Bobbi Brown Skincare To Go kit is perfect for her. The 4-piece skin care system (2 creams, a cleansing oil an a pore perfector) will keep her looking camera-ready for all of those Instagram photos of her in Tahiti that you'll be double tapping from your crowded cubicle. 

$25, available at macys.com

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No nail lover can resist a polish housed in a bottle that's just as gorgeous as the contents inside. When is comes to packaging, this Chirstian Louboutin Polish takes the cake!

$50 each, available at nordstrom.com

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For the person who doesn't identify or believe in gender conformity, this unisex CK2 fragrance from Calvin Klein is the perfect match. Equally spicy and sweet with notes of wasabi, sandalwood and violet; it's small enough to tuck in your pocket to carry on the go. You may even want to keep it for yourself!

$20, available at macys.com

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If she's a budding beauty girl, Clinique 'Sweet Pots' Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm is the perfect gift for her to carry around her in purse or backpack to keep her lips soft and glossy. They also come in 6 fun, sheer colors like orange and aquamarine.

$19.50, available at nordstrom.com

$19.50. available at nordstrom.com

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We all have a girl in our crew that has way too much stuff in her bag. Help her consolidate with a makeup clutch that covered in lipstick. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag, $20 available at nordstrom.com

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You can't go wrong with nude polish; it's sophisticated, chic and polished. This Deborah Lippmann 'Undressed' Nail Polish Set is everything you need in your lacquer arsenal.

$34, available at nordstrom.com 

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Mom's are hard to shop for. Afterall, what do you buy the woman that has everything? Relaation, that's what! These Sugar Lemon Bath Cubes from Fresh are the perfect escape for busy mom's who don't get a lot of quiet time.

$39, available at nordstrom.com

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If you habe a homegirl that rocks rings on every finger and may or may not have glue gun to bedazzle things tucked away in her closet, then this Macy's Impulse Beauty Rhinestone Trio was made with her in mind. 

$22, available at macys.com

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Unsure of what to get the little girl you volunteer with? This Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy au de Parfum Spray Pen and Lip Gloss Duo smells like a dream and is sure to be a hit among her friends.

$25, available macys.com

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A young lady on the road to womanhood needs a fragrance that speaks to the woman she is as well as the woman that she is becoming. She needs Dior; more specifically,  'Miss Dior' Silky Body Mist.

$52, available at nordstrom.com

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Psychology enthusiasts will love the Pinrose concept. Created by Stanford grads, you choose a scent based on a series of questions and photos that you find appealing. This Pinrose Sampler Travel Fragrance Pack gives you 10 different fragrances to try in single use sachets that are perfect for the girl on the go.

$24, available at nordstrom.com

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If she's just starting to appreciate the world of fragrance, this Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio Travel Fragrance Set is the perfect start to her collection. 

$45, available at nordstrom.com

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Candles are the gift thatkeeps on giving; especially if you gift them to people that you live with (#LifeHack!) This Voluspa Maison Jardin- Amaranth & Jasmine Candle will make her room smell like a garden,  and your apartment will smell like you live there alone (win-win!)

$16, available at nordstrom.com

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Face it: you and your bestie may move to different states, get married and hve children, but she'll always be your "day one!" Treat her to a cureated box of gorgeous scents inspired by the world's most beautiful escapes.

$55, available at barneys.com

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When it comes to scented soaps, FRESH pretty much takes the cake. These Freesia, Hesperides Grapefruit and Waterlily hand soaps look pretty on your bathroom sink and they smell amazing.

$45, available at macys.com