16 Things He'll Do If He's Madly In Love with You

When you have his heart, you know. Is your man showing you love?

Charli Penn Mar, 22, 2016

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If your hand always has a warm and cozy spot inside his, trust us, he's already smitten.

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A man who sees you as a permanent fixture in his future will dream aloud with you and invest as much time and energy into your goals as he does his own.

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When you share a tub filled with bubbles and bliss, it's as intimate as it is romantic. If he wants to hop in the tub with you, let him and feel the love.

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This one's a sweet, romantic gesture that can only come from the heart.

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When he's head over heels and proud of it, you'll make regular appearances on his social media feed.

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The gesture is as sensual as it gets and the ultimate bonding experience for two. Grab the shampoo and share that love.

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If he's willing to confide in you, his heart is wide open. Just be sure to return the favor.

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Whether he can throw down in the kitchen or not, if he's willing to dirty a few pots and pans to surprise you with a home cooked meal, he's auditioning for the role of "keeper."

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When a good man falls for a great woman, he's smart enough to know that's cause for celebration. If he values and cherishes your time with him, keep him close, ladies.

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If he's already packing his bags for a romantic rendezvous with you, you've got this one in the bag, girl.

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Unless you've agreed to wait until marriage to share an address, a guy who's willing to go apartment or home shopping with you is showing that he's in it for the long haul.

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A man in love will be your biggest cheerleader, no matter what. If he's rooting for you, we're rooting for him.

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Only a guy who's all-in will endure daylong shopping excursions and double as your boyfriend and butler. (Wink.)