16 Signs the Date Was Great

16 Signs the Date Was Great
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 15, 2011

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He tried to extend the date – An attempt to lengthen a date means your company is enjoyed.

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He mentioned you in a future context – “I can’t wait for us to see that movie when it comes out” = you’re winning!

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He didn’t interrupt the date to take a call or return a text message – Respect for your time by keeping his cell phone off is a strong positive sign.

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His “flaws” become acceptable – When you find yourself making an excuse for characteristics you normally don’t find desirable, you’re feelin’ him!

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At least one girlfriend throws shade – You can’t expect everyone to celebrate your happiness. When you hear “that date sounds too good to be true, something must be wrong with him” understand this is jealously, keep calm and move on.

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He appeared slightly nervous – Even the smoothest brotha will convey some shakiness when interacting with someone he adores.

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Good eye contact – Eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

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He calls you back – The strongest sign of them all.

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He pays – No need to elaborate.

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He seemed more curious than orator – When he shows he wants to know more about you, rather than simply talk about himself, this a sign of true interest.

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He didn’t sexually pressure you – When he’s really into you, sex on the first date is of little importance.

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He immediately sends a Facebook friend request & follows you on twitter – Wanting to connect with you virtually, in combination with the above, is a thumbs up.

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You didn’t notice the time – If you lost track of time and couldn’t recall if the date was 1hr or 2hrs, it shows how engrossed in the company you were.

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He gave good B.B.R. – The Belly Button Rule is one of the most telling body language assessments. If his navel (and anything else) stays pointed at you, it means he’s interested.

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Conversation flowed easily – This is typically where people say “chemistry” was good. When you naturally exchange thoughts and ideas without challenge is a strong sign.

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Your Google search doesn’t turn up a recent photo of him with a wife – 4 out of 5 people google the names of the people they went on date with. If you’re in that group and don’t discover you were on a date with a married man or someone on the F.B.I.’s Most Wanted list, that’s a good thing…lol.

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