16 Make Or Break Situations That Will Test Your Love

These scenarios can put even the strongest relationships to the test. Know how to spot them and how to cope.

Charli Penn Mar, 27, 2016

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When someone cheats they break the bond of trust they share with the person they love and it can be very tough to rebuild it. When this happens, if you decide (together!) that you want to forgive, heal and move on, the process will be most successful if it begins with therapy.

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The sudden death of a close family member can send anyone spiraling into depression. Learn the difference between allowing the one you love to grieve and signs that they need to speak with someone to work through the pain.

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A relationship is immediately threatened when one of the people involved suddenly has to relocate out of state for work. It happens, and when it does, the other person can feel forced to choose between the life they had a new life in a new place, or feel forced into a long distance relationship.

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If two people have different religious beliefs and fail to discuss how they plan to handle any conflicts when it comes to marriage, starting a family, or blending them, it can test their bond. Having these discussions and coming to an agreement as early as possible is the key.

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When mother and fathers in law are too involved in their child's marriage it forces the husband and/or wife to feel like they're taking sides all the time. It's hard to unite when this is happening. Find your boundaries and don't let your parents cross them.

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The same applies to family members who are permanently in your business. Keep them out from day one. It's your relationship and yours only.

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A family member suddenly living with you and yours can really disturb the peace in your home. Know when they'll go before either of you commit that they can stay.

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A pregnancy isn't always part of the plan and deciding how to handle an unplanned pregnancy can put a strain on a once happy relationship—especially if two people feel differently about how a new baby will effect their dynamic, their lifestyle and beyond.

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Increased financial pressures can cause a crack in a perfectly healthy relationship. Things like a change in salary or a sudden influx of bills can make talking about money tough and affect the way you communicate. When it comes to money, be transparent, work as a team and keep the lines of communication open.

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When one person suddenly loses their job things can go south in their relationship fast. Sometimes depression or financial problems can really change a relationship dynamic. It's a challenging time when being there for one another matters most. Don't allow yourselves to become emotionally disconnected.

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A sudden injury like a broken bone can leave a person on bedrest for weeks or even months, which can also lead to irritability, depression and a loss of financial income.

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When two people in love suddenly realize that their dreams aren't aligned, trouble in paradise often follows. Talk it out and find a way to support each other's dreams and work toward a future you can see together.

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If you're not compatible, sharing the same roof will show it right away. Be sure you have a plan going in to make sure you each make a smooth transition.

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The fastest way to test your love is to take an extended vacation together, especially to another country. Its a sneak peek of moving in together that every couple needs.

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Two people stuck in a car for an extended period of time will test how much you truly enjoy each other's company.

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Dogs and cats can be excellent additions to the home when the time is right, but if it's the wrong fit for one or both of you, those fur friends can cause daily fighting.