16 Beauty Looks from New York Fashion Week You Can Wear IRL!

These gorgeous runway beauty looks are so easy to copy, it's a wonder that we haven't tried them sooner!

Virginia Lowman Feb, 17, 2016

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Liquid lipsticks will still be the must-have item for the ultimate matte lip. The focus will be on dark mattes like this midnight merlot hue seen on models at Nicholas K.

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Models at A Détacher walked the runway sporting painterly strokes on their lower lash line. To get the look, use your favorite gel liner and an angled brush to draw a line from just past the middle of your lower lash line and extend it until it's parallel with the tip of your brow. 

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This fall '16 beauty is all about blush. For the perfect winter flush swirl your blush brush in a rosy hue and apply to the apples of your cheeks, pulling color down into the base of your cheeks for a runner's flush. Complete the look with brushed up brows and balmy pink lips.

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Last season, we saw a lot of celebrities sporting red shadows on the red carpet. This fall, we'll see a lot of merlot and burgundy shadows with a simple wash of color on the lid. Apply the shadow with fingers on primed lids for a diffused, almost accidental beauty look. To add a little polish the look, apply a red lipstick in a bright hue and blot twice to tone down the color. 

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Matte lips will still be popular next season, but pristine lines and the use of lip liner will once again take a backseat as diffused lipstick takes center stage. Models at Edun sported dark merlot lips that looked as though the color on the upper lip had been blended with a finger to give that 'just kissed' look.

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Leave it to Mara Hoffman to capture the magic of la vie boheme in a beauty look. Dust your lids and the outer corner of your lower lid with a blue-green shadow and mix with an iridescent green. Add dimension by blending a darker hue into the crease and topping lashes with two coats of volumizing mascara. Complete the look wiht a flirty pink lip stain with purple undertones.

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Remember when you first began wearing mascara and you would consciously —or not so consciously— apply three or four coats too many? Well that undone mascara look is coming back around, so load up volumizing mascara to sport your clumpiest lashes, ever!

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Take a cue from the models at Jil Stuart and invest in a bold blue shadow. Dust your lids and lower lash line in a bold hue and feather up the color from the crease.

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The days of boring liner are long gone. The new look of liner is a little tribal and futuristic. Forget about lining your lash line, floating liners like those seen on models at CB La Petite Robe are the hot new look.

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This fall, your smoky liner will require a little bit more work. Line your lower water line with your favorite smoky shadow. To create the perfect angle in your feline flick, look up and create a sharp angle into the crease.

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70's beauty made a comeback at Milly AW '16, where models sported dusty pastel shadows blended upward from the lash line to the brow bone.

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Purple may be the new must-have color. If red is your general go-to color, push you beauty boundary by trying a new hue like new face of Maybelline, Herieth Paul. This creamy violet shade compliments all skin tones and looks daring and chic at the same time.

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Glossy lids are using a staple in the spring, but the look is emerging as a fall trend. Get the look using an eye gloss, or by pressing a petroleum jelly-based pruduct into your lid over your favorite shadow.

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The phrase "winter whites" generally refers to clothing, but now it also reflects your beauty look. Line your upper lash line with a white kohl and leave your lashes bare.

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Flush the apples of your cheeks with a pink-hued cream blush and complete the look by pressing the same pigment into your lips. Leave lashes bare and brush up your brows.

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Curious about how to rock a smoky eye in the middle of the day? Play with metallics. Dust a complimentary gold hue over your lids and define your crease with a charcoal shadow. To keep the look light, avoid blending the charcoal shadow down into your lash line.


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