15 Things You Do Daily That Steal Your Joy

Simple secrets to a happier day. (You're welcome!)

Charli Penn Mar, 21, 2016

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Firing off a few last emails before bed is actually cutting into your sleep and your happiness. Less sleep equals less joy, and working from bed makes it difficult to fall asleep afterward and keeps you up later than you planned to be.

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Not every relationship is meant to be. If you and your significant other aren’t truly compatible, but you’re staying together anyway, you’re not allowing yourself to be happy within the relationship. If you’re not happy, call it quits. Staying together longer than you both want to, is how you find your relationship bliss.

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While someone else’s life being your “#lifegoals” can be a fun thing to joke about on social media, comparing yourself to others who you believe are living better than you will only bring you down. Stop it, now. The grass will always be greener on the other side, but that doesn’t mean your grass isn’t green.

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Our dreams keep us going on our toughest days. A dream is your light at the end of the tunnel; everyone should have at least one, and multiple dreams if possible. How can you push through when you have nothing to push for?

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Beware of the company you keep. You absorb the energy and vibes of those around you. If your friends, co-workers or family members only bring negativity your way, it’s time

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The future is uncertain, but it’s certainly yours to claim. Worrying about the outcome of tomorrow affects the way you live today. Stop worrying. Just live. Case closed.

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It’s nearly impossible to feel grateful and angry at the same time. If you’re holding on to negative emotions toward someone else, and harping on them daily, you’re weighing yourself down emotionally.

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No one’s saying fitness and good health aren’t important priorities to have, but spending every second of the day obsessing over pounds gained or lost, calorie counts or portion sizes will take the fun out of meal time—a time that’s often spent sharing moments and memories with others. Enough of the weight watching!

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Some of the greatest achievements are born from failure. This we all know. Stop worrying about falling down and focus on how you’ll get back up when you do.

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Squeezing into skinny jeans that are actually skinnier than you or a not coming to terms with the fact that your bra-size has gone up a cup, can make you feel uncomfortable all day long. It’s time to toss out any article of clothing you have to constantly tug on, adjust or fret over.

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If you spend an hour (or more) driving to and from work each day, studies show that this directly affects your daily happiness. Sitting in traffic for long stretches of time or going long distances can negatively affect your mood.

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If there’s something weighing heavy on your heart, get it off. Repeatedly not sharing what’s on your mind makes you feel emotionally stifled, and the negative emotions will only fester.

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If you want to travel, travel. If you hate your job, quit and find a new one. If you need a change, move to a new neighborhood, city or state.

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No one’s perfect. Deal with it. Get over it, and move on. Trying to be at the top of your game, all the time, will drive anyone mad. Stop trying to be perfect and instead just be yourself. It’s easier, more fun, and will still get you to where you need to be.

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If you don’t like your job, find a new one. You spend close to 80-percent of your week at work, which means if you’re miserable while you’re there, you’re pretty much miserable all the time. Not good.