15 Things Every Woman Learns From Dating the Wrong Guy

He may have been a dud, but these life lessons are lit.

Charli Penn Apr, 01, 2016

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Heartbreak isn't all bad. He may have been a dud, but these life lessons are lit. Take notes, ladies.

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Dating a guy who clearly wasn’ t on your level really helps you raise the bar.

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Your real friends never hesitate to tell you that he’s bad news.

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When you love a guy who isn’t worth it, it never feels good. In fact, letting him go instantly makes your heart feel better. That’s no coincidence.

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Breaking up with the wrong guy when your heart was already attached takes good sense and courage, which face a lot of emotional resistance. Give your brain a round of applauds.

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Sometimes you have to bite a bad apple to know what a rotten one tastes like. Getting to your breaking point with one man will make it easier to identify if and when you’re coming close to the edge the second time around.

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What he got wrong will be what the next guy should get right.

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Well, because your ex clearly was NOT him.

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The moment you realize you just dodged a major bullet by ending things with an ex is usually the very same moment you get a second chance at finding happiness. That’s a gift in disguise.

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Life doesn’t end after you utter the words “we’re over.” Promise.

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A broken heart can (and will) heal if you let it. Now that you've ripped off the band-aid, it's time to heal and move forward.

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Even if his train is very delayed.

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Remember, new beginnings like this one are a good thing.

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Your ex played them on repeat, but the next time around you’ll choose more wisely.

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Of course you would never have opened your heart to him if you didn’t believe, if only for a moment, that he could be the one. You were wrong, but that’s okay. It happens to all of us.