15 On-Screen Couples With Undeniable Chemistry

Nothing makes you believe a movie's storyline better than co-stars with chemistry. As we gear up to watch Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson play arch enemies in the upcoming thriller No Good Deed, we just couldn't help looking at what a good looking pair they make. From Carmen Jones to Think Like a Man, here are 15 films with the sexiest co-stars.

Sylvia Obell Feb, 12, 2015

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Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte's amazing chemistry in the 1954 musical Carmen made the film (and this photo) an instant classic!

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In the 70s, there was no better pairing than Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams - in both Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and Mahogany (1975).

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Poitier and Carroll played two (very good looking) American expats who fall in love while living in Paris in the 1961 film Paris Blues.

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It was hard to imagine which two actors could bring Terry McMillans' hot romance novel to life, but as soon as then-newcomer Taye Diggs flashed his pearly whites at Angela Bassett we knew that the right call had been made.

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All of the couples in Think Like A Man Too were cute, but Taraji and Michael's steamy chemistry was unmatched.

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While it's hard to imagine anyone not having amazing chemistry with Idris Elba, he and Gabrielle Union's attraction in Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls definitely stood out from the pack. Who can forget the passion that ignited between the two during their first date?

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Love and Basketball became a rom-com staple thanks to Sanaa and Omar's ability to make us believe that childhood love can last a lifetime.

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The affinity between Laz and Paula in Jumping the Broom made it hard to believe the two actors weren't actually getting married.

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Add the entire cast of The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday to any list of sexiest co-stars.

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We still get chills everytime Larenz recites 'A Blues for Nina (Brotha to the Night)' to Long in front of a club full of people in 1997's Love Jones — "Hey baby, can I be your slave?"

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In Something New (2006), Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker reminded us that true sparks don't recognize color or clout.

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The sparks between Shante (Fox) and Marcus (Chestnut) proved to be more powerful than all of the break-up rules in Two Can Play That Game

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Prince Akeem and Lisa McDowell's love (and good looks) keep us hooked on Coming to America.

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Henson plays Terri, a district attorney whose home is terrorized by ex-convict Colin (Elba) in the upcoming thriller, No Good Deed (September 12).