15 Lipglosses Under $15

Nothing screams sexy like a perfectly painted, gorgeously glossy pout -- but who has the money to splurge on a prestige lip gloss? No need to spend a fortune -- we scanned the drugstore shelves to find you the best bargains! Pucker up with our roundup of fifteen fabulous glosses under fifteen dollars.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 02, 2011

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Blended with vitamin E, chamomile and shea butter, these glosses leave lips utterly kissable.
(shade pictured: High Drama, $7.99, beautyencounter.com)

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These cult-favorite glosses taste almost as delicious as they look.
(shade pictured: ShineBerry, $7, victoriassecret.com)

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This new gloss comes with a special brush that follows the curve of your lips for a perfectly even application.
(shade pictured: Papaya, $6.49, target.com)

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Chock full of vitamin E and coconut oil, this all-natural lip tint comes in twelve shimmery shades.
(shade pictured: Raisin, $5, burtsbees.com)

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Each of these sexy glosses contains real fruit extract, so they’re infused with yummy flavor ($6.50 each, meetmark.com)!

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New for summer, this smart formula marries the shiny color of a gloss with the lightweight feel of a balm.
(shade pictured: Thistle, $7.49, walgreens.com)

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This luscious gloss imparts major color without leaving lips sticky.
(shade pictured: Grape Cooler, $12, kohls.com)

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If you’re craving dramatic, high-wattage shine, look no further than these divalicious glosses ($4.50 each, amazon.com).

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This soft, lightweight gloss is packed with antioxidants like lotus, orchid and acai.
(shade pictured: Natural, $5.48, drugstore.com)

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Infused with mineral and lanolin oils, these sixty-four shades keep lips super-soft, all day ($5.50, nyxcosmetics.com).

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These sheer, slightly sparkly shades moisturize lips with a hint of honey. (shades pictured: Honey Bunch and Honey Beige, $13, thebodyshop-usa.com)

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This ingenious formula combines the texture of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss.
(shade pictured: Violine, $6.75, blackopalbeauty.com)

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We’re in love with this bright, red-coral hue — so sexy with a tan!
(shade pictured: Cheerful, $8.99, target.com)

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Each of the eighteen shades come with a different fruity-fabulous scent. Delish.(shade pictured: Cocoa Fever, $4.59, walmart.com)

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These long-lasting shades are fierce, but so is the packaging — each tube comes with a tiny mirror on the bottom!
(shade pictured: Sangria, $9.99, drugstore.com)