15 Celebrities Who Need a Fresh Start in 2014

Several stars suffered major blows in 2013. If their names weren't dragged in the headlines, their images were tarnished on television. Luckily, with the new year comes a clean slate. See which celebrities could benefit from starting over in 2014.

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2013 Recap: Divorce and Real Housewives of Atlanta Drama
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Despite her messy divorce to ex-husband Kordell Stewart and embarrassing comments about the Underground Railroad, we hope the new year brings much happiness to Porsha. Whether it's moving on to find new love or being more careful about what she says on television.

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2013 Recap: DUI Sentencing and Jail Time
What We Hope 2014 Brings: After pleading no contest to driving under the influence and suspended license charges, Bobby Brown was sentenced to 55 days in jail and four years probation. This was Brown's third DUI. Let's hope 2014 brings him better judgement.

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2013 Recap: Drama with TLC and VH1's Biopic
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Sure, Pebbles wasn't portrayed in the best light on VH1's TLC biopic, but her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show didn't help either. In the coming months, Pebbles will more than likely get her chance to share her side of the story—hopefully it will put an end to some of the rumors and headlines.

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Kanye West

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2013 Recap: Mother-Daughter Drama
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Anyone keeping up with RHOA knows Mama Joyce has major issues with Kandi's fiancé, Todd Tucker. Hopefully Mama Joyce will embrace her future son-in-law and we'll hear wedding bells for another glitzy ceremony.

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2013 Recap: Alleged Frank Ocean Brawl, D.C. Brawl and Probation Revoked
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Chris Brown is already working to ensure his 2014 is smooth and wrinkle free. The singer has been in rehab for over two months now and is reportedly making progress. In 2014, we hope he continues to make great strides in all areas of his life—getting back to the Chris Brown we all miss.

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2013 Recap: Haircut Drama and Controversial Advice to Black Folks
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Don Lemon may have suffered from foot-in-mouth disease in 2013, but in the new year we're sure he'll fully recover and get his CNN show, 11th Hour, on solid footing.

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2013 Recap: Eviction Drama and Textgate with Apollo
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Kenya Moore certainly kept us entertained on Real Housewives of Atlanta. But let's hope she leaves the drama behind and exercises better judgement when it comes to her friends' partners. Especially if she wants a baby.

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2013 Recap: Four Arrests
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Since Iylana Vanzant couldn't fix his life, let's pray DMX can he gets his act together in 2014. That means staying from behind the wheel when either intoxicated or without a valid license.

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2013 Recap: Custody Battle Renewed
What We Hope 2014 Brings: In August this couple returned to the courtroom for an emergency custody hearing after their young son, Usher V, suffered a pool accident. Looking ahead, we hope both Usher and Tameka can truly keep their drama to a minimum.

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2013 Recap: Tax Evasion and Prison
What We Hope 2014 Brings: It appears Lauryn Hill's career and personal life is on the mends after a three-month prison sentence for tax evasion. Luckily for fans, her current tour will be extended into the new year. It finally looks like the album we've been dying to get could finally happen.

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2013 Recap: Alleged Drug Abuse, DUI and Divorce
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Considering the rocky year Lamar Odom suffered, he can only go up from here. Hopefully Odom will kick the bad habits to the side and get his basketball career back on track while mending his relationship with his family.

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2013 Recap: Divorce and Alleged Abuse   
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Terrence Howard may have had a stellar year on screen with six films being released, but his personal life seems to be as rocky as ever. Back in May his divorce from ex-wife Michelle Grant was finalized. However in late summer she accused the actor of domestic abuse. May 2014 bring the actor much needed peace from the drama in his life.

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2013 Recap: AEG Lawsuit Saga and Jermaine Jackson's Child Support Drama
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Let peace take over this family in the new year. Hopefully, Katherine Jackson will get what she's looking for in the AEG wrongful death appeal she recently filed and hopefully Jermaine Jackson will get his finances in order.

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2013 Recap: Heart Attack, Inducing Infidelity and Covering Up Death
What We Hope 2014 Brings: Although this may seem silly, Scandal fanatics can honestly say Cyrus Beene will more than likely die of a heart attack if he doesn't get his act together. Hopefully in the new year he'll put his marriage first and come clean on a lot of his dirty work.