15 Carefree 'Do's for Your Stylish Teen

She's the baby of Black Hollywood's royal family and she just turned 15. Here are 15 hairstyles inspired by Willow Smith that your stylish teen will love.

Virginia Lowman Nov, 01, 2015

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For an edgy look, juxtapose an elegant makeup look against edgy hair. Tie the hair up in sections and allow the pieces to fan out. Voila! High-fashion meets glam rock.

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Take a cue from Rihanna and Willow Smith and rock a wrap to school. Fresh perm? Even better! Make a deep side part and sleek down your strands using your favorite setting spray.

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Play with color and frost the tips of your hair. If you're opting for permanent color, seek professional services to ensure that your hair remains in optimal health and be sure to keep your strands moisturized.

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Bring back a 90's classic and pull your curls into a high pony and let them waterfall over your face. It's low maintanence and super cute. Tame fly-aways at the nape of your neck using your favorite edge tamer for a polished look.

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Take a walk on the wild side and spike your hair using a pomade. For a more defined look, run a straightening iron over your strands and curl the ends back.

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Permanent hair color can be really damagaing. But if your daughter is begging for a strands with a vibrant tint, let her play around with hair chalk; it's inexpensive and super pigmented but doesn't require a commitment. If she gets tired of it, she can always wash it out. We like Splat Temporary Hair Chalk.

($5.99, available at ulta.com)

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Need an edgy protective style? Braids are always a safe go-to. If our sides are shaved, braid the center and pull the braids up in a high pony. It's playful, chic and low maintenance.

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Allow your child to embrace her inner bohemian with free-flowing locs. Tie up your locs at night and shake them free in the morning. Low manipulation is key to this carefree style.

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Not willing to commit to the loc life? Embrace your inner flower child and experiment with faux locs in different hues. If you're up to it, accesorize them with trinkets.

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If your daughter's a rockstar at heart, why not let her sport a cropped cut with long bands? If going neon G.I. Jane seems too extreme, sleek back the sides and let a few sleek stands fall over the face.

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Sleek your hair back on the sides and pair it with blunt bangs and lengthy strands.  Run a 1" flat iron down the length of your strands turing the wand once to add a bit of a bend. Top the look off with a sheen spray for healthy shine.

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Rock a middle part with sleek strands in an asymmetrical bob. Pair with razor cut bangs that have been curled using a one inch curling iron. 

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Nothing says "cool girl" like platinum strands with pastel streaks and beachy waves. Forego the bleach and opt for extensions instead. Use a temporary hair color spray  like Chromalights Hair Color to add some pastel highlights. 

Chromalight Temporary Hair Color Spray ($7, availbale at drugstores)

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Homecoming is right around the corner.Needa classic style that your daughter will love, but isn't too grown up? Opt for the pompadour and pair it with a low pony. Cute, classy, and age appropriate. In other words, an all-around win!

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Need a quick upgrade? Take a style que from  Willow and add a colorful extension to your bangs for a peek-a-boo highlight. 


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