The 15 Best Black Travel Moments You Missed This Week: From Fun In Iceland to a Proposal in France

We make travel look good! To keep you inspired, here are the 15 amazing black travel photos you missed this week, curated by Soul Society 101!

Soul Society Mar, 24, 2016

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Aruba. Have them eating out the palm of your hand.

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France. Unforgettable moments and an unforgettable question.

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Trinidad. A team of fit chicks with epic pics.

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Brazil. It’s rare when no one flakes on the group trip! Brazil.

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Mexico. White hot ladies.

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Italy. Architectural delights.

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China. Feeling great at the Great Wall.

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India. When you're a black girl in a sari in #India and everything's amazing.

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Indonesia. Love from a gentle giant.

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Iceland. Winter Wonderland.

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Morocco. Stylistic synergies.

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Curacao. Underwater scooter adventures.

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Iceland. In the middle of nowhere is where you find everything you need.

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Indonesia. So blown away.

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Egpyt. There’s nothing wrong with living in the past. For more Black travel coverage, visit Soul Society 101.


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