14 Times Meagan Good and Devon Franklin Made Us Fall In Love With Love

Seeing ESSENCE Festival Empowerment speakers Meagan Good and Devon Franklin together will really make you believe in love. See?!

Charli Penn Jul, 02, 2015

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Their casual selfie looked like a vacation magazine ad for absolutel bliss.

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They cozied up for the cameras and looked so sweet.

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They tried to be serious but still looked adorably cute.

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Their vacation photos made us want swoon (and want to take one of our own.)

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She kissed his chin ever so sweetly and you just knew it was love.

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They puckered up for the cameras on the red carpet and put all the other couples there to shame.

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They made travel plans for two.

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The cozied up by the fire.

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They struck this classic couples' vacation pose and looked flawless.

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They were exhausted at the airport but still by each other's side.

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They got all dressed up for a sexy night out on the town.

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Devon gave Meagan a piggyback ride. (He sure knows how to spoil the Mrs.)

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He looked at her like THIS!

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That time they snuggled and smiled and proved that good love really does leave a lasting glow. Listen to Meagan and Devon talk about marriage and healthy relationships on Friday at 1:30p.m on the ESSENCE Empowerment Stage.