14 Fabulous Curvy Bloggers That Should Be On Your Radar

If you are not keeping up with these fabulous bloggers then you're already behind! See which curvy gals are making major waves and showing us how to style and profile their chic curves. 

1 of 14 www.amarachiukachu.com

This Nigerian darling is all about bright hues, vibrant prints and a ton of self-confidence. Although Amarachi may call her obsession for loud prints and big curly hair "unhealthy", we can't help but LOVE every bit of it! Her blog, Amarachi Ukachu, started off as her creative outlet in 2011, but soon lead her to 'something bigger....a source of inspiration for others.'

Blog: Amara Chiukachu

Insta: @AmaraChiukachu

2 of 14 www.musingsofacurvylady.com

Beauty and brains!  Thamarr is a nurse by day and a full-time fashionista year-around.  This diva created her blog in 2012, and has not looked back ever since. Thamarr started her Musings Of A Curvy Lady, 'as a way to promote personal style and beauty in this body of hers.'  The gorgeous Florida native has style that is eclectic, fun and ladylike.  

Blog: Musings Of A Curvy Lady

Insta: @ladyfigure

3 of 14 www.fromthereztothecity.blogspot.com

Talk about a showstopper! Kia is a beautiful ray of sunshine in this golden frock. This mom turned blogger, effortlessly mixes her love for fashion and faith on her site, From the Rez, to the City. Without skipping a beat, the darling is both stylish and inspirational to women of all sizes. 

Blog: From the Rez to the City

Insta: @RezToTheCity

4 of 14 www.francetajohnson.com

If you don't know who Franceta Johnson is, get to know her!  This Toronto beauty sticks to traditional yet timeless pieces that are by far elegantly chic.  Her blog is artistically submerged and her curvy style is beyond basic. 

Blog: Franceta Johnson

Insta: @FrancetaJohnson

5 of 14 www.thejenesaisquoi.blogspot.com

Fashion, food, & football is at the top of this blogger's list.  But, before we get in too deep, lets take a step back and admire this darlings style. Jenise created her blog not only to express her love of fashion but to challenge herself to continue to pursue her number one passion. Fashion of course!

Blog:The Je Ne Sais Quoi

Insta: @Jenesaisquoithe

6 of 14 www.lion-hunter.com

Gaining inspiration from her last name, Handahu, which means Lion Hunter, Mo created a blog that roars with impeccable fashion and style. This curvy darling mixes majestic colors and prints with magnificent textured jewelry and clutches for an impressive ensemble.

Blog:Lion Hunter

Insta: @MissLionHunter

7 of 14 www.everythingcurvyandchic.com

Appropriately named, Chante is truly Everything Curvy & Chic.  For over three years, this breathtaking beauty has taken to her blog and exuded confidence and flawless style.  This humble gal aspires to inspire all curvy women to be "healthy, confident & chic." 

Blog: Everything Curvy & Chic

Insta: @EverythingCurvyAndChic

8 of 14 www.trendycurvy.com

From Southern California, this curvy gal's style is both figure flattering and remarkably gorgeous!  Keeping in mind her motto, "Everything isn't for everyone," Kristine still shows curvy ladies how to be just as stylish and trendy as everyone else. 

Blog: Trendy Curvy

Insta: @MsKristine

9 of 14 www.andigetdressed.com

Kellie B. is blowing our minds with opulent style and poise. This lover of 'leather, lipstick & all things lacey' keeps every gal coming back for her unimaginable ensembles. This blogger's site transcends outside the curvy girl and gives much needed advice on proportions, shopping and styling to ladies of all shapes.  

Blog: And I Get Dressed

Insta: @ItsMeKellieB

10 of 14 www.ontheqtrain.com

Brooklyn is in the house! And of course this blogger is representing oh-so-well. Starting in 2010, On The Q Train, Peggy Jean expresses her personal style and natural locks. From thrifting to looking up unique finds on Etsy, this darling keeps us knowing what fashion-forward items are in her closet. 

Blog: On The Q Train

Insta: @OnTheQTrain

11 of 14 www.essiegolden.com

Embracing her "imperfections", Essie Golden created the perfect blog, Golden Kaleidoscope. After endlessly scrolling through fabulous fit after fabulous fit, we couldn't help but envy this darling's eclectic yet fearless style. 

Blog: Golden Kaleidoscope

Insta: @GoldenLady25

12 of 14 www.kellyaugustine.com

Born and raised in New York, Kelly Augustine started her blog to show her personal style. With a focus on 'plus size fashion, beauty, natural hair, and a New York City lifestyle,' this blogger shows every curvy girl how she dresses her voluptuous silhouette without skipping a beat. 

Blog: Kelly Augustine

Insta: @KellyAugustineB

13 of 14 www.mycurvesandcurls.com

The devil is in the details and Assa knows how to style every minute detail.  This curvy blogger started documenting her personal style journey in 2012.  This Canadian shares the rewards and challenges of being a beautiful tall and plus-size woman. 

Blog: My Curls & Curves

Insta: @Ciaa

14 of 14 www.stylishcurves.com

Bridging the gap between curvy women and fashionable style, Alissa Wilson aims to shows plus-size women that that they can be happy in their bodies and dress exemplary as well. 

Blog: Stylish Curves

Insta: @StylishCurves