13 Wedding Dresses Fit For A TV Queen

Bridal Fashion Week just wrapped up and Fall TV is in high gear! Let's take a little trip through TV land's past and present shows and re-imagine what our favorite primetime leading ladies would don on their special wedding day.
Réneise Francis Oct, 20, 2014

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Scandal's go to "fix it" girl is always putting out fires and never with a hair out of place. Even on her wedding day, we're sure Olivia Pope will still be all about business.

2 of 26 Courtesy of Angel Sanchez

This super poised and polished shirt dress version of a wedding gown by Angel Sanchez is perfect for Pope because it's clear there would be no scandal or wardrobe malfunctions in this frock!

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If anyone could show us how to get away with wearing a non traditional wedding dress it'd be our girl Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder.

4 of 26 Courtesy of Anna Maier

If she ever gets a second shot at love we're sure this no-nonsense, well respected, and slightly feared lawyer will recite her vows in a daring vampire red gown that evokes power and strength.

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The notoriously seductive gangster boss of Gotham, Fish Mooney, makes all other Bridezillas seem angelic in comparison.

6 of 26 Courtesy of Gemy Maalouf

If Fish Mooney ever takes the plunge into matrimony this vixen villain will need something sexy and edgy. This bridal jumpsuit from Gemy Maalouf surly fits the bill.

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Our modern day hero Lieutenant Abbie Mills of Sleepy Hollow is trapped between two worlds: 18th century Colonial America and the present day world of fighting crime. So it's only right that she weds her soulmate in a dress that reflects both.

8 of 26 Courtesy of Pamella Roland

This Pamella Roland gown evokes the romance of the colonial era but still conveys strength and heroism with its long cascading cape.

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Michonne from The Walking Dead is one tough zombie slaying chic so her dress would have to fit that criteria as well.

10 of 26 Courtesy of Reem Acra

Our pick, which is perfectly suited for this kick-ass lady in waiting is this cropped two-piece number by Reem Acra. She can show off her abs of steel and still look elegant for her husband to be.

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We're anxiously awaiting the day that Missandei and Grey Worm from Game Of The Thrones fall for each other.

12 of 26 Courtesy of Reem Acra

And, if these star-crossed lovers decide to tie the knot hopefully Khaleesi will be generous enough to throw them a regal fairytale wedding. If this shall be their fate here's the dreamy lavish Reem Acra dress we see her wearing. There's no denying this gown screams Happily Ever After.

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Orange Is The New Black's Poussey Washington hasn't exactly been dealt the greatest deck of cards but if the tables ever turn around in her favor and she's lucky enough to meet her match we have just the look for her.

14 of 26 Courtesy of Naeem Khan

We see our lovable tomboy rocking this ever so chic bridal pants set by Naeem Khan.

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Although our favorite news anchor's personal life might be a bit of a mess, Being Mary Jane's Mary Jane Paul definitely has her career on lock. As the face of SNC she prides herself on being a positive role model for her family and young women.

16 of 26 Courtesy of Dennis Basso

We know when the day comes for Mary Jane to walk down the aisle, she'll want something sleek and sophisticated such as this sweetheart strapless gown by Dennis Basso.

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Before the Obamas came to rule our nation, our most beloved power couple was The Cosby Show's Claire and Cliff Huxtable.

18 of 26 Courtesy of Zac Posen

We could just imagine before these two became our generation's model family they were just a young couple in love. With Bill in his first years of residency and heap of med school bills and Claire just starting out with practicing law her smartest choice would be to opt for this frugal yet impeccably graceful gown from David's Bridal Truly Zac Posen collection.

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On the hit comedy Martin, we all witnessed Martin and Gina's gorgeous beach side wedding. But we couldn't help but wonder what she wore to the reception?

20 of 26 Courtesy of Naeem Khan

In order to keep up with Martin, Tommy, Cole and Pam on the dance floor I'm sure Gina would have debuted dress #2 and cut a rug in this fun scallop beaded fringe mini dress by Naeem Khan.

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If Will was the Prince then Hilary was definitely the Fresh Princess of Bel-Air. When you grow up being Daddy's little spoiled girl you'll expect nothing but the best in life.

22 of 26 Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

If our diva bride wedded her future wealthy husband it could only have been in something as classic as this ivory beauty by Monique Lhuillier.

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We were all rooting for Joan from Girlfriends to find her Mr. Right. She was career driven, a loyal friend, and a big hopeless romantic.

24 of 26 Courtesy of Marchesa

We imagine uber stylish Joan Clayton would have gone with this antique-esque champagne strapless dress with cascading draped silk organza by Marchesa. This dress would have definitely given us the finale our hearts desired.

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She's sweet enough to win over Tommy and Chucky, but tough enough to stick up to Angelica, which is why our girl Susie Carmichael from Rugrats was adored and respected.

26 of 26 Courtesy of Alfred Angelo

It's not so far fetched that plenty of our TV brides would want Susie as their flower girl. We're not sure if this would break Susie's Nickelodeon contract but if our favorite rugrat were to be a flower girl we see her in this powder blue dress by Alfred Angelo for Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Bridal collection.