13 Things You Need to Remake Nicki & Bey's "Feeling Myself" Video

On Monday, Nicki Minaj and ESSENCE Fest alum Beyoncé premiered the video for their single "Feelin' Myself" on TIDAL, Jay Z's new subscriber-based streaming service. The internet is still buzzing and people are going crazy trying to figure out how to create their own version of summer fun with their friends, especially as Memorial Day weekend approaches.

Well, we've got you covered. Check it out!

Gia Peppers May, 19, 2015

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Preferably one that allows you to drive through miles of open land. Basically, get out of the city, people.

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If you can’t swim, you probably have a few of these flotation devices in your garage. Use these as props in your version of the video!

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If you can find this exact Coachella sign and stand in front of it, you win.

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The most epic thing about this video is that they are wearing furs in a baby pool... Who has the money to ruin a perfectly good fur in the water? These two.

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Beyoncé and Nicki rock a plethora of them in the video. A few NBA onesies have surfaced online. Generic one-piece swimming suits will also work but while you have the chance, rep your favorite team.

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Mountains, hills, and wide-open sky will make your video epic.  Again, unless you have a rooftop, your best bet is to get out of the crowded city and venture to a place where you can't call an Uber.

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In this video, Bey and Nicki are rocking messy I'm-enjoying-life hair. Spend the extra time you have on making sure your moves are just right.

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You can use these all summer long so find your shade!

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Clean is the keyword, here.

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I mean, we all have to indulge sometimes... Right?

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H&M and Forever 21 have great prices. If you don’t like to wear gold, this can be a one-time thing.

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This just might be cutest scene in the video. Nicki: “You want some?” Bey: “Yes.”

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Long live summer days and endless summer nights. Happy creating!