13 Dream Musical Collaborations That Need to Happen

They've collaborated on hit songs together. They run in the same circle. So we should have known that it was only a matter of time before Kanye west and Rihanna teamed up for a tour. Yesterday, Live Nation leaked a bill for a "Kanye & Rihanna" tour, rumored to kick off this summer in Estonia, though spokespersons for the musicians have yet to comment. The news got us thinking what other singers we would love to see collab with each other. Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, if you're reading this, we think you'd go great together!

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 25, 2015

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A little bit of sweet, and a little bit of salty. Missy and Janelle have both been lauded for being their own brands (Janelle's menswear, anyone?). The innocent Janelle Monae would perfectly balance out Misdemeanor's style. Can't you see a trash bag-clad Missy rapping next to a Fedora'd Janelle? 

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This song might be even hotter than when D'Angelo announced that he was making a comeback. Both artists are respected for doing their own thing, but if they were to join voices and combine their falsettos and sexy sounds… Wow. We can hear the women screaming already.

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Both Erykah and Lauryn have their own soulful sounds. But can you imagine just how powerful those sounds would be playing off of each other? Yowza. Lauryn, when you make your sophomore album (we have faith that it will happen), definitely consider a track with Erykah!

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It's no secret that Pharrell is a musical legend. When he touches something, it automatically turns to gold. Childish Gambino is still trying to find his footing in the industry, but we think his distinct rap style would be perfectly complemented by Pharrell's genius.

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Jilly from Philly. Musiq from… Well, Philly as well. Their styles are the same, their musical themes are the same. Why hasn't this happened already?

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With those soft falsetto voices, having Miguel and Timberlake in the studio together would probably create some really beautiful baby-making music.

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Keyshia and Mary both sing with such a down-to-earth emotional realness, that we can see a song being played on the radio that would bring women to tears every single time they heard it.

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Nicki Minaj does her thing, but to rap with the “Bawse,” you need a female who is just as, if not more, gangster than her male counterpart.

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Kelis had established herself as a “character” way before Nicki was around, causing this combo to be quirky to the second power. Coming together to record a random song about unicorns and sesame seeds would probably be a guaranteed pop hit.

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We’re really surprised this hasn’t happened yet. Two young artists with extremely old school soul voices would be beyond incredible paired with the right sample of an old Motown classic.

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What happens when you take two out the box artists and put their innovation and creativity on one track? Probably a classic song that people will appreciate more in the future than the time it was created.

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Two of the most underrated vocalists in R&B. With their unquestionable talent behind a mic this duo could create a love song classic – Peaches & Herb style.

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He might not get Sade, but the illest male rapper in the game collaborating with the illest female rapper in the game would be major. Instead of just a single song we would gladly welcome a whole album.