13 Chic Platforms That Reach New Heights

With the oh-so-trendy return of seventies style comes an inevitable revisit to platform shoes. Here are the many ways you can rock the trend and make it your own.

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We're green with envy over these fun perforated and striped heels. Pair with a neutral ensemble for a stylish kick.

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Black platform never looked so good! We love the wooden heel detail and the studs!

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Go nude with a sky-high platform is simple, stylish yet makes a bold statement.

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We're loving these open and airy classic black platform paired with this flowy and fun black and white frock!

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Wedges are always a comfortable and chic move. The gold band adds a gilded touch!

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This pastel color is fun, on trend and really brings the chic out of these jeans. Sign us up!

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Go for a pair of platforms that don't push the limits. It's a great way to play with the trend without envoking a fear of heights.

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As if! Channel you're inner Clueless persona with platform booties and thigh-high socks.

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Who says platforms have to be heels. Give your sandals a boost with a fun twist on the trend.

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Go the extra mile in durable yet cute platforms.

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If you're ready for a style challenge try pairing your platform sandals with socks. If you're not ready to go rogue with black one, try a patterned dainty pair.

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Yet another example of low-profile platforms these snake-print pair defintely hit the style mark.

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Star-spangled platform loafers? Now that's how you test the waters of fashion. We love!