13 Celebs Living Healthy Lifestyles

It's Earth Day, which means we're all most likely being reminded of how we should be living better, more eco-friendly lifestyles. These celebs beat us to the punch. By no means are they perfect, but they do live healthy lifestyles. Click though and be inspired.

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 20, 2015

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The doyenne of healthy living, First Lady Michelle Obama, has been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle ever since her husband took office. Her "Let's Move" campaign aims to raise a healthier generation of children.

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Oprah takes healthy living to the next level and grows her own food at her home in Santa Barbara. You can always find her sharing photos of her harvest. Like here, and OMG, here.

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The Hit The Floor star, who has been a vegetarian for over two decades, recently decided to go full out vegan.  "It was just another motivation and reason for me to live the lifestyle that felt true to my soul and my spirit," she said when she launched her PETA ad. 

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for the Scandal star. "I've always been a person who really approaches health in a proactive way. I work out, I eat right," she said shortly after giving birth.

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Monae is a huge advocate of the ancient practice of yoga. Just listen to her hot new single called "Yoga."

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For his 44th birthday, Jay Z announced he would be taking a 22-day challenge to go vegan. Soon afterwards, Beyoncé joined him. She even went so far as to launch a vegan meal service called 22 Days Nutrition, which includes meals that are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and "fresh, never frozen."

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Mike Tyson

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Just one look at Angela Simmons' Instagram feed and you'll see she loves working out. Kudos to you, sis!

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The Being Mary Jane star is serious about staying fit and fab. When she's not at the gym, she's getting her workout outdoors.

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Kelly loves working out so much she even has two fitness DVD's with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. 

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Boxing champ Laila Ali loves sharing her workouts. "6 miles of roadwork today mostly up hill," she wrote. "Hardworking=results"

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The twerkout? Milian has us curious about this new workout craze. 

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The Rock working out is the reason that Instagram was invented. It's like his muscles have muscles.