12 No-Brainer Girlfriend Getaway Ideas for Summer

Grab some R&R with the girls this summer with one of these 12 must-try ideas.

Charli Penn Apr, 12, 2013

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Miss your girls? Summer is right around the corner, and it's the perfect time of year to get together for a little ladies-only fun. Okay, so you’re busy, we get it -- but that’s no excuse not to put in some quality time with your girls. We’ve made it easier than ever to find a reason to come together. Try out one of these 12 ideas to up the fun factor in your friendship now.

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It’s the perfect time of year to find swimsuits and sandals on sale. Hit the road together and head to an outlet mall near you. Get an early start so you’ll have plenty of time to shop ‘til you drop, enjoy lunch together, and still be home just in time for dinner.

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If it’s a beautiful day just grab your girls and getaway to the nearest national park. Pack your blankets and shades and decide who’ll bring what for lunch. Plan to gab it up while you picnic in style. Look out for parks that have pools, paddleboats, or nature trails to add to the day’s activities.

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Sure you and the girls have hit the bar before, but when was the last time you were all lounging together in VIP? Head to the hottest spot in town and make sure your names are on the list. Get all dressed up, pop bottles, and party like rock stars. (But don’t forget the camera; it’s sure to be a night to remember!)

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Nothing says summer like the feeling of sand sifting between your toes. Remember, you don’t have to get your hair wet to have a good time surfside. Grab the girls and head to the beach armed with your books, your music, and lots of SPF.

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It’s time to bond with one another and the earth. Get immersed in nature and plan an excursion to remember. Look for the nearest outdoor group activity and sign everyone up, no exceptions. A few easy ideas: Look for nearby fishing, horseback riding, or bird watching.

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Summer school is in session. Get together with the girls and look for a class you’ll all want to take. Learn to cook, take a street photography class, or take up scrapbooking. The beauty will be in the bonding of it all. Plus you’ll have a new obsession to share.

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Turn off the navigation, toss the maps, and just go with it. Sometimes the best road trips happen when there is no destination.

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You + your girls + a great deal = the best spa day ever. Start stalking group deal sites like Living Social and Groupon and look out for the next great spa deal in your area. You could save almost 60 percent in some cases. It’s the perfect excuse to get together and just get away from it all.

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If you and your girls usually go to the movies together it’s time to switch it up. What’s on stage near you? Pick up a playbill and enjoy a great live show. Afterwards head out for dinner and a recap.

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The summer season is filled with local festivals, state fairs, and carnivals. Track down the ones coming soon to your neck of the woods and make plans to visit together. Think: Cotton candy, funnel cakes, and more!

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You don’t need to travel far to get away. There’s a weekend filled with peace and quiet, plush pillows, and four-star food waiting just around the corner. Pick a fabulous hotel in your area and split the cost of a night in one suite with the girls. Think of it as a luxe slumber party.

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Just grab your bikes and go! Consider it a group workout and a good time. Biking can be relaxing and.