12 Love and Life Lessons From 'Being Mary Jane' Season 2

Now that season two has come to a (terrifying) end, it’s time to get real about what we can all learn from Mary Jane.

Charli Penn Apr, 15, 2015

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At times art can seem to imitate life. Season two of BET's hit drama Being Mary Jane took viewers along on MJ's emotional roller coaster ride, and a few of the low points may have looked just a little too familiar. We recap the messages about love, life and family.

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Sheldon (Gary Dourdan) appeared to be a fine brother with lots to offer Mary Jane until he dropped one big bomb on her bliss: He didn't want to marry, have kids or share his home with a woman, like, ever. Thankfully, MJ refused to settle because he was “the best option she had.” Instead she said farewell and kept it moving.

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Season 2 was not one of Mary Jane's finest moments. She lashed out at friends, family and the men in her life time and time again in ways that may have caused irreparable damage. But, despite it all, she recognizes that she is a work in progress and continues to focus on being the best woman she can be.

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No matter how hard MJ has tried, she just can't seem to shake her intense feelings (be they good or bad) for her sexy ex, David (Stephen Bishop.) We've all been there. She's making progress slowly, but the lesson here is that we all need time to truly heal from heartbreak and you can't rush that clock when you once cared so deeply for someone, and maybe still do.

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Mary Jane went into shock when she overheard a heated discusion between her close girlfriend Lisa and her ex David, and their scandalous past was revealed. Mary Jane was heartbroken to learn that they were involved, but we have to admit, we could see that coming. Dr. Lisa was way too involved in Mary Jane's love life, which should have been a major red flag.

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At 39, Mary Jane knows now more than ever that becoming a mom is still on her life's to-do list. No matter what obstacles she faces (failed attempts at egg-freezing, being unlucky in love) she hasn't give up on her desire to be a mom. Keep the faith girl!

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When MJ faced a ratings dip in her news show this season, she decided to follow her heart to the stories that mattered most to the Black community. The result? A viral video movement that could live on long after her time at SNC has come to an end.

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This season, MJ's niece, Niecy, endured a tough time as she struggled to figure out what direction to move her life in as single, unemployed young mom of two. Motherhood is always a blessing, but it's not always a solution to all your problems.

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In a social media obsessed world, it's easy to become addicted to sharing your ever move and the instant gratification that follows. But, just remember, life has it's ups and downs and inevitably there will be some things you'll wish you hadn't shared.

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Mary Jane doesn't know it yet, but her promotion to the primetime network slot will be short-lived. She thinks she's being rewarded for her hard work, meanwhile her boss is still calling her an "ugly Black woman" who might "run wild" behind her back. Enjoy success but never stop watching your own back.

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Mary Jane’s wetting the bed at age 39 because she’s ignoring her stress levels and the effects they may be causing on her body. Don’t let stress get the best of you – talk to someone.

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For most of season two, Mary Jane felt conflicted about what she wants both professionally and personally, but when she became an overnight viral success and got the promotion of a lifetime, suddenly she had true perspective on what her next moves should be.

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Mary Jane and Mark are there for one another when they feel like they can't turn to anyone else. Life's most challenging moments are always easier to bare when you have a real ride-or-die friend who's willing to sit with you in the no judgement zone.


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