11 Ways to Feel Sexier Than Ever

Release your inner goddess and take control of your libido with these 11 easy tricks and tips.
Charli Penn Nov, 06, 2011

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Looking for an instant way to feel sexy and excited? We’ve got you covered! Ignore your fears and make yourself an appointment for a Brazilian wax. There’s something sexy about smoothing things out down south — just ask him.

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Have you been eyeing a super sexy short ‘do you spotted on the red carpet? Maybe you’re considering trying out a weave. It doesn’t matter what you like, remember it can be exciting to change your tresses up. Surprise him with a new you! If you don’t want anything too permanent you can always try a wig.

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If you encounter a situation in the bedroom where you feel you can’t quite pull something off, you can feel discouraged and so not sexy. Working yoga and Pilates into your regular routine will help you feel more empowered when certain “obstacles” occur.

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Do you know how to say “I want you so bad right now” in French or Spanish? No? It might be time to learn. You’ll feel amazing speaking it, and he’ll absolutely love hearing it. You don’t need to be fluent, but you can pick up a few phrases.

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Confidence equals sexiness, always! Believing in and loving yourself is a crucial part of having amazing self-confidence.

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No one’s saying you have to lose weight to be sexy. That’s 100 percent false. However, ask any woman who feels insecure about her body if she felt better after dropping 5 lbs or so, and she’ll most certainly say she did. Go for it — you’ll be so glad you did!

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Head over to your bookshelf and dust off that Kama Sutra couple’s guide you bought out of curiosity but never dared to open. (We know it’s there.) Look through it together and search for a new position you’re both excited to try. Whether you succeed at it or not, we promise you’ll both love the practice session.

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You’ve sung along to you favorite songs together we’re sure, but when was the last time you gave him a private performance? Pick the perfect tune and serenade your man, girl!

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Your sense of smell is a huge part of any erotic experience. The next time you pass the perfume counter, stop and sniff the samples. The first one that makes you smile and sends your mind wandering with happy thoughts (wink!) is one worth trying. He’ll notice, we promise.

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Yes, we’re saying exactly what you think we are. Don’t just lay there. Get up there missy and take control. Do your thing and watch him love every second of it. You’ll feel like the sexiest woman in the world.

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Plan the perfect evening for two and invite him to join. Carefully select a romantic dinner location, a sexy activity for afterward and how each aspect of the night will go. He’ll love watching you take control of your happiness and you’ll be treating yourself to a great night, just the way you like it.

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