11 Things You Didn’t Know About Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker’s Love

Just when you thought these two couldn’t be any cuter, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker reveal sexy, fun and new details from inside their beautiful love story.

Charli Penn Jun, 26, 2015

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Just when you thought these two couldn’t be any cuter, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker reveal sexy, fun and new details from inside their beautiful love story. Get ready to swoon!

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“You’ve got to keep the sexy alive,” says Parker. “So I'll come to bed in, like, his pajamas. I wear something sexy and I am really sweet and really nice. It works every time!”

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“We went to the Arthur Ashe Foundation Gala in New York City in 2002,” says Kodjoe. “We went to the gala and then after that would be adult content that I can't share with you. (Laughs)”

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“Publicly, his height and his stature and the way he walks and the way he carries himself just turns me on,” Parker gushes. “But, privately, his skin is like butter. It's just like, oh my God. Thank you, Jesus, every night.” Sexy, sexy!

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“He’s like the Billy D. Williams of the twenty-first century,” gushes Parker.

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“On our first date, it wasn't like we never met each other,” Kodjoe explains. “We had been working together on Soul Food for two years. “I made out with her the first time I met her in front of cameras.”

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“Right after we met his character got written off the show,” says Parker. “And so I was like, okay, so we're going to do this but we're going to do it long-distance. You know, actors fall in love on set all the time and so the true test was going to be, like, do we still feel the same way not being around each other every day.” Clearly, they passed!

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“I knew I wanted to buy a house, so I started looking for a house in California, and we had like a week hiatus on the show, so I came home, to look at properties and Boris said, ‘Well, you know we can find a bigger house if we look together. I was like, ‘Hey!’ That kind of let me know that he was in it to win it, too,” shares Parker.

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“You know, my wife, when she's in a bad mood or she's mad about something you have to let her go through the process,” he says. “She likes to vent. She wants to just go off and she doesn't want me to solve the problem. She just wants me to listen. I have to learn that because I usually just jump in and try to save her and figure her things out and beat somebody up, but she really just wanted me to listen. I might rub her shoulder while she's venting or just watch her. And, for me, she gives me space. Like, I need to go and run on the beach or play an hour of tennis.”

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“Now, if I needed to cheer him up, I'm definitely the comedian in the family,” says Parker. “I will totally resort to all kinds of comedic antics to cheer him up. I do a whole one-woman show. I’m like the Carol Burnett of the family.”

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“I always say the minute you find your husband you make him your boyfriend,” says Parker about keeping the vibes light and fun at home. Although they go over tasks and responsibilities together they haven’t stopped the sexy pillow talk or romantic dinners at home.

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Parker and Kodjoe tell us they've always wanted to do a show together, so The Boris and Nicole Show (which debuts on FOX on July 6) is a dream realized.