11 Songs We Would Love to See Turned into Children's Books

Why are we not surprised that "Happy" is being made into a children's book? More than a year after its release, Pharrell Williams has scored a deal to turn his hit song into (what is sure to be) a hit kid's book. Flip through our gallery and check out some other songs that we totally think would make fantastic children's books.

Taylor Lewis Feb, 18, 2015

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Why shouldn't the girl power anthem of 2011 be translated into a children's book? All little girls deserve to hear that yes, they are smart, powerful and do indeed run the world.

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The late music legend was awarded the keys to Chicago in 1988.

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For more than 20 years, we have been jammin' to "Ladies First." The Queen was rapping about the beauty and strength of us ladies, which is definitely a message that we want to pass onto our daughters.

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Janelle has always been unapologetic for doing her own thing, which is exactly why her unapologetic song would make for a perfect children's book.  "Am I a freak for dancing around?" No, child, you are a queen.

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Can't you see this being a fantastic picture book? On one page is an illustrated Stevie Wonder playing with his toys on Christmas morning, and on the next page is him sneaking out of his house to meet with his friends. Ok, maybe it wouldn't send the best message, but we would still buy it!

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A book all about dancing! What toddler or kindergartener wouldn't love to have the chance to boogie their little booties off?

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The Oscar-nominated duo cleverly wove our history into an award-winning song. Why not turn it into a children's book to show our kids where we have been and where we are going?

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We envision a bright, sunny cover with vivid watercolor drawings inside. How else can you properly capture the sheer joy and happiness that makes a "Lovely Day"?

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Spelling! Counting! Love! The Jackson 5's hit has all the components of what is sure to be a kiddie New York Times bestseller.

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We remember what it's like: It's not always easy being a kid. A Whitney Houston book would teach them that even though they might not be "grown up," the world would be a sad, dark place without them.

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They didn't make our slideshow, but we want to give a shoutout to these songs, which we still think would make pretty awesome children's books:

"I," Kendrick Lamar: Just ignore the language.
"Daddy," Beyonce: A little girl's love song to the irreplaceable man in her life—her daddy.
"U-N-I-T-Y," Queen Latifah: You know you would buy it.
"Ben," Michael Jackson: Yes, we know it's about a dead rat, but that doesn't make it any less touching.
"Children's Story," Slick Rick: Think of it as a cautionary tale.