11 Celebs Who Need to Be on Instagram

We've been catfished! Lauryn Hill's "new" Instagram account turned out to be a fake but it's about time that L-Boogie and some of our other fave celebs made it to the Gram. 


Jolie A. Doggett Jun, 04, 2015

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"It could all be so simple…" if Lauryn would just make her own Instagram page already! We hardly see her anymore unless she's on stage. We want more of her cute acapella videos

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Maybe on the Gram he can redeem himself from his #UncleDenzel memes. 

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Her selfies would make our #WCW posts EVERY DAY! 

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Some behind-the-scenes Empire pics would be nice...

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Together or separate, we need to see some more Will and Jada love.

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She's finally made the move to Twitter. Instagram is the next logical step. Ms. Ross the Boss is sure to class up the Gram with her signature glitz and glamour.

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We know Halle's super private about her life but It'd be nice to have a little peek into Ms. Berry's day-to-day as a mommy and and a superstar. 

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We just miss Janet so much. Plus, those #TBTs with teenage Michael are sure to be worth a regram. 

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Does Yeezy smile for the Gram? The world may never know...

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So many #baduizms we'll never be able to regram. 

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Who is Oprah's right hand man? What does he like to eat? Does he double tap puppy pics? We need him on IG. He could name it the "Stedman Gram." Get it?