11 Black Phenomenal Jewelry Designers You Should Know

On a quest to find hidden treasures, we came across 11 Black jewelry designers who create artful, feminine and evocative pieces. These business owners are architects of fine metals and precious stones. On the rise to cultivating a new era of beauty, see which entrepreneurs should deck us out in bling for the spring.

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Asia Clarke started Wild Moon Jewelry in the winter of 2010 and has accelerated her craft ever since.  This natural beauty describes her creation of jewelry as a healing process that is able to evoke "patience, happiness and forgiveness."  Asia creates her designs for friends, family, women, men and strangers. In addition to her magnetic designs, Clarke offers jewelry making workshops for both youth and adults. 

Shop: Wild Moon Jewelry 

Insta: @Wild_Moon

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Wild Moon, Earthseed Necklace, wildmoonjewelry.bigcartel.com.

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In downtown Seattle, this darling creates minimalistic yet elegant pieces that are both classic and contemporary.  In her private jewelry studio, LilyEmme proudly uses "refiners that deal exclusively in 100% recycled metals."

Shop: Lily Emme

Insta: @lilyemmejewelry

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Lily Emme, Platinum Rings, lilyemmejewelry.com

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Right next to her husband's turntables, sits Camille's ever-growing jewelry business. Working from her apartment-studio, Camille creates splendid pieces of art. From her gold leaf hand-chain, to her warrior dangles, it's very apparent that she lives and breathes the art of jewelry creation. 

Shop: PeaceImages Jewelry

Insta: @PeaceImagesJewelry

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Peace Images, Zulu Warrior Dangles, peaceimages.bigcartel.com

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Soulful singer turned devoted designer, Toni Johnson meticulously reworks bold earthy jewelry and reworks the pieces into beautiful masterpieces. Her collection is eclectic and filled with ethnic stone necklaces, warrior arm cuffs and crystal clusters. 

Shop: Rework Creative

Insta: @rework_creative

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Large Quartz Statement Ring, Rework Creative, reworkcreative.com.

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Raised in Houston Texas, designing was second nature to Billie Hilliard. From a sewing machine at 7, to modeling for International designers, Hilliard knew she was destined to design.  Billie now creates beautiful masterpieces in her workshop at the Goat Farms Arts Center in Atlanta, GA.  

Shop: Billie Hilliard

Insta: @Billie_Hilliard

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Helana Gold Quartz Charm Bracelet, Billie Hilliard Collection, billiehilliard.com.

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Since the age of 16, Megan collected vintage trinkets in an old cigar box.  Keeping with her interest, Dorsey started to make pieces out of old vintage charms and chains she had collected over the years. This Chicago native knew ever since she was a little girl, who loved to play in her grandmother's costume jewelry, that she would soon be creating designs of her own. 

Shop: xTarnishedx

Insta: @xTarnishedx

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xTarnishedx, Flower Hour Arm Chain, etsy.com.

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Although she stumbled onto making earrings, Tori makes it look effortlessly easy. Each piece is unique and most importantly to her, she wants it to be affordable.  Holey Moly Lyfe Earrings are mostly studs that are inspired by her inspirations, aspirations, surroundings and thoughts. 

Shop: A Holey Moley Lyfe

Insta: @holeymoley8

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A Holey Moley Lyfe, Africa Earrings 7, etsy.com

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From dreams to a designer reality, Areeayl creates innovative hand crafted jewelry from her very imagination. From body bracelets, to decadent waist bands, this designer continues to innovate her designs. 

Shop: Beads By Aree

Insta: @BeadsByAree

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Beads By Aree, Feel Choker, etsy.com

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After searching for a body-chain to satisfy her taste level, Malyia came up with the idea of crafting her own body-chain designs.  After major buzz around her pieces during the summer, the beauty took that next step into becoming a designer.  Her signature body chains and faux septum nose rings are simple, elegant and caters effortlessly to any body frame. 

Shop: Made by Malyia

Inta: @MadebyMalyia

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Made by Malyia, Opulence, madebymalyia.com

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Raised in both Brooklyn and Atlanta, Melanie grew up in an environment that spurred her interest in design and art.  Design to her is "a way of organizing form to create three dimensional methods of storytelling."  While learning to manipulated materials she soon learned where her passion lied.  

Shop: Madame M Squared

Insta: @madamemsquared

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Madame M Squared, Ear Cuff, madamemsquared.com.

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With an original name as well as original pieces, Elouinia sought out how to make decorative pieces that could be worn in new ways. She found that "creating crowns and decorative ear cuffs that didn't require piercings was unique in its own way."  From Erykah Badu to Ugo Mozie, stars are picking up her pieces like wildfire. 

Shop: Eloexa

Insta: @Elouinia

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Eloexa, Crown, eloexa.com