10 Ways to Say I Love You

10 Ways to Say I Love You
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 08, 2011

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Don’t just say you love them; tell them why. Is it their smile? Their big heart? The way they laugh. Give compliments were compliments are due.

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You could call him a “jerk”, an “idiot”, or a pain in the you-know-what, or you could just tell him you “need a little time to cool down.” There is so much power in what we say to each other and it’s important to always speak with love.

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Reach out and be there for their children, or parents, or siblings. If they’re an important part of your life then you’re going to what to know and appreciate the people who hold that title in their world – furry friends included.

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Is their birthday right around the corner? Maybe they’re celebrating a big promotion or just looking to blow off some stress – whatever the occasion, make it one they’ll always remember.

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Throw out the garbage. Fold the laundry. Run out and get the oil changed. If you want to show them their happiness makes you smile take something off their plate. They’ll appreciate the help and the kindness you’ve shown them by putting their needs first.

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If you really love someone you’ll always be upfront and honest about what you feel – even when it’s not something they’ll likely want to hear. In the long run, being the person they can trust to give it to them straight is what counts. No phony business here!

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If you softly touch their cheek or lightly caress their back when they’ve had a rough day you’re saying more than you realize. Arose their sense of touch and show them exactly how you feel.

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When someone is speaking to you it’s easy to listen, but the question is, are you really hearing what they’ve said? Show them that your heart is in it by being an active listener and the person they can depend on to always be willing to lend an ear.

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If you share a part of who you are with the one you love you’ll feel closer than ever before. There’s nothing like guarding a secret together that’s bound tightly by the safe and protecting warmth of your love.

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Want to really blow their mind? Comb through your iTunes collection for the one song that best expresses how you feel for them and request it on your local radio. Just be sure the deejay knows that this one goes out to your baby.