10 Ways Gabi Fresh Helped Redefine The Curvy Woman

Despite media's obsession with the "perfect size," Gabi Fresh chose to forge her own lane and help redefine the curvy woman.

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Gabi recently snagged the honor of being the face of ASOS Curve's Fall Campaign - yes, this is a major deal.  The blogger killed every look and sent us to eclectic-fall heaven and back. 

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From articles to TV shows, the media continues to put the curvy woman in a box. Thankfully Gabi isn't having it.  The beauty continues to be her beautiful self and break down barrier after barrier. 

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Gabi continually supports other curvy women.  Whether she is there to help kick off blogger friends Cece and Chastity event, Curvy Con or at a best friend’s wedding celebration—the beauty always advocates that women are not her competition but a group that she would rather stand beside than against.  

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Gabi has shown women from all walks of life that you can indeed turn your passion into your career.  The blogger started her blog in September 2008 when she didn't have the experience to even land an entry-level job or internship. Blogging was a platform for her to show her love for writing and fashion. She decided to fill the void for women who wanted to be trendy but were plus-size. Her blog has grown tremendously and has truly been an inspiration to the curvy community and fashionistas of all sizes. 

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We don't have to tell you that Gabi can rock a bikini and look absolutely gorgeous! We love that the blogger flaunts her curves with no apologies and encourages other women to do so, too. From rallying #curvesinbikinis to shooting the first ever calendar of curvy girls in swimwear, the beauty is truly a believer that sexy comes in every size. 

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Before being named the face of ASOS Curves Fall campaign, Gabi was rallying supporters together to bring more options for curvy women. Although it may be hard to believe, big brands like ASOS didn't always cater to women with curves. In 2009 Gabi asked her followers to voice their opinion on having options for curvy women brought to ASOS and in 2010 she was able to review their very first curvy line. 

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In a blog article posted earlier this year, Gabi used her platform to speak about an important issue in the fashion and beauty arena. She pointed out that "Black women—especially darker skinned black women—continue to be left out of campaigns and media coverage." She wrote boldly on the need to speak up because there should be more women of color represented in the industry. The beauty went on to purposely post 16 Black Fashion Bloggers who had beautiful dark skin. This hopefully was a wake-up call for a ton of companies. 

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Gabi has supported many brands, like Dove, that emphasize self-confidence. Dove’s 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend was just one of the many times she has helped celebrate diverse beauty. The blogger was a part of an inspiring conversation on beauty, legacy, and self-esteem. 

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The best way to set an example is to be one. Despite society standards and the constant bombarding of the media to get the perfect figure, Gabi continues to put her curves on display—and we love it! 

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I mean, do we need a caption? The beauty queen continues to effortlessly crop-it-out which shows other curvy women that they can do the same.