10 VMA Fashion Moments That Left Us in Awe

Take us back to when VMA fashion was all about making a statement! Although our favorite celebrities opt for a more tame look now, there's something to be said for the outrageous outfits that caught our eyes and kept us talking.

Dominique Hobdy Aug, 28, 2015

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Nicki Minaj's look is more tame now, but history shows that she's never been afraid to take it all the way there with her style. Only Nicki could pull this off.

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Bey always knew she'd be queen and at the time she was fresh off the success of Austin Powers: Goldmember. Obviously, these two factors are why she opted for this golden ensemble.

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Bet you forgot about this one. Monica and Busta Rhymes looked like they were ready to paint the town red.

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A little self-promotion never hurt anyone.

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Lil' Mama opted to play off the "Lil'" in her name with a adult-size baby costume, saying the look symbolized "the birth of a new genre."

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It's called co-or-din-ation and Destiny's Child was all about it. Turns out fringe is all the rage this season, now that's what we call a fashion forecast.

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Diana Ross was a fan of this one so Kim wins.

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Clearly, a true team effort was put in to create this look. Outkast brought all of the funk to the VMA's with these fun outfits.

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It was all about a spaced-out look for Nicki and Will.i.am who proved that when it comes to the VMAs you have to go hard or go home.

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Amber Rose is not shy and she's not afraid to get risque. Case in point: This body-baring chain dress.


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