Today's Kids Will Never Know: 10 Memes That Get Everything Right About Nostalgia

It's Throwback Thursday! From the original Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince to dial-up Internet, here are 10 #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow memes to give you a sweet wave of nostalgia.

Imani Brammer Jul, 23, 2015

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Who did they think they were fooling though? We were not having it.

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Still trying to figure it out.

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Patience and muscle was all you needed.

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...all you ever need.

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Between the Chinese Staircase and The Cube, this seriously should have been a sport.

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...Was literally the highlight of life. Let's not forget Pepperann, Doug, and The Weekenders, to name a few.

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No one will ever understand the struggle of that horrible connection sound that made it sound like aliens were tapping into your airwaves and tampering with your life.

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Everyone from your mother, to your grandmother, to your sister had them. They were hands down, the easiest shoe shopping you've ever done in your life-- and they were most likely selling right up the block from you.

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25 cents a bag!

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When this came out, you know your teacher meant business! Yout better get your protractors out!