10 Things Women Do At The First Sign Of Spring

When the weather starts to break, so do some of our lazy winter habits. Admit it: You've already done at least one of these things this month!

Charli Penn Mar, 10, 2015

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Winter is the only time of year that a woman can get a little lax with her regular shaving routine without getting caught out there. But as you start to reach for shorters sleeves and skirts, ladies, it's no longer time for games: To the bathtub!

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If you didn't get a chance to sneak away this winter, you've already begun planning your next great spring or summer escape. We get it. May the travel deals be with you!

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There may have been a small spike in your gym activity right at the start of the New Year, but it's all those swimsuit commercials you keep seeing that has you back in the full swing of things.

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For the next couple of weeks you'll most likely be spending more time with your household cleaners than your homegirls. Goodbye, street salt residue, and hello, peonie-scented candles!

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For some women, flinging into spring is about shedding much more than the weight of their winter coats. "I'm going to cut my hair!" Sound familiar? This is that time of year when less feels like way more in the hair department and we're craving a fresh new look to match our fresh spring fashions.

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You've been dying to press "Go" on the Spring and Summer binge-shopping button but just couldn't justify buying those super cute sandals while there was still snow on the ground. Thankfully the time has come. Happy (everything!) shopping!

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With new blooms comes a new attitude when it comes to how much drama we're willing to endure this spring or summer. As our clothes get lighter, so do our hearts, so here's a message for the people who brought the drama your way this winter: please leave a message after the beep and we'll get back to you later.

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There is just something about warmer weather that makes us want to feel our absolute sexiest from head-to-toe. Before we can bare more skin outside of clothes, it's nice to kick off spring with something a little more see-through beneath those cropped pants and cute trench coats. (The man in your life cosigns this one, promise!)

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Bikini season is coming, biking season is coming! And, you're going to want to be ready. We bet you've already got your standing wax appointment back on the books for the spring and summer months.

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Click that like button if you forwarded a travel deal to one of your best friends within the last 24 hours with a message that included the words, "let's," "book," and "now." Yeah, we thought so. (Wink!)


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