10 Things To Whisper In His Ear

Heat things up at home. Here 10 things to whisper in a man's ear to set the mood for love.
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 08, 2011

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“Remember that time you and I (insert a sexy memory)”

If you haven’t forgotten, believe us, he hasn’t either. Travel back in time with one whisper and show him reminiscing is sexy."

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“I’m really good at (insert your best skill) aren’t I?”

You’ve got skills and you know it. So why not show off a little? Don’t be shy. Confidence is an instant turn on.

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“I have a surprise for you tonight”

Drop this little line in his ear and y his mind will be running. The rest of the evening all he’ll be thinking about is you.

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“I really missed you today!”

If you missed him, tell him! Better yet if you love him, tell him that too. It’s a myth that men only want to talk dirty. When you’re in love, your sexiest body part is your heart.

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“Tonight you’re going to (insert what you’ve been craving)”

Yes men like to take control in the bedroom, but they all appreciate a night or two off. Let him know what you want, and how you expect to get it.

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“Can you guess what color my (blank) is?”

If you didn’t already have his full and undivided attention for the evening you do now. After a few guesses he’ll want to see if he’s right or wrong. Score!

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“I’m not thinking about anything else but you right now!”
When you’re out and about together lean in and let him know you’ve only got eyes for him. Men love to be the center of attention, especially when there’s competition in the room.

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“Did you know your [insert a body part here} really turns me on?”

He told you that he loves your eyes and your lips, but have you told him how much you adore his smile? Men love compliments too!

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“The other day I daydreamed that you and I were (fill in the blank)”

It’s perfectly okay to tell him that he stars in your fantasies and you love being his leading lady.

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“No one (insert action) better than you do”

Do his kisses reign supreme? Do you find yourself at work wishing you could meet up with him for an amazing back massage? Now what you fill in here is up to you, but either way it will make his day.