10 Things We're Talking About This Week: 5/18/12

10 Things We're Talking About This Week: 5/18/12
ESSENCE.COM May, 18, 2012

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Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You, Baby” was the first song that I KNEW I should not be listening to. I didn’t understand all that moaning, but I could tell it was grownup music. R.I.P. to the Queen of Disco.

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Sybrina Fulton

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Thugs beat and robbed the Rev. Marvin Winans, who gave the eulogy at Whitney Houston’s funeral, during a carjacking in Detroit. Thank goodness he escaped with his life.

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Did you catch Ted Williams on Today? The former homeless guy who became an Internet sensation then dropped off amid the overwhelming acclaim says he’s been clean and sober for a year. Glad to hear the Golden Voice is doing well. I was him for Halloween.

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It’s gotta be Keithan Manuel. This brother reportedly walked into a suburban Dallas police station with a white towel over his hand and told a cop to hand over money. Boy Genius later told KTVT-TV that he was joking and didn’t think the cops would take him seriously. #jesustakethewheel

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So White babies no longer make up the majority of those under the age of 1. Thank goodness, because I’m tired of babies playing the race card all the time.

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JP Morgan Chase lost $2 billion in bad deals, and the news this week was that an exec agreed to resign. Wait… “agreed to”? Not fired outright? Not pilloried and put in stocks? I just snapped my fingers. That’s how long I would keep my job if my foolishness cost the company $2,000, let alone $2 billion.

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Newsweek cover calls Obama the “First Gay President.” Well, if Clinton can be the first Black one…

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We’ve shown out on Broadway this year, between Porgy & Bess, A Streetcar Named Desire, Condola Rashad’s Tony nomination for Stick Fly and Usher’s cameo in Fuerza Bruta. Add High School Musical warbler Corbin Bleu to the mix: He’s in Godspell this summer, playing Jesus. See, I told you he was Black. (Jesus, I mean, but Corbin too.)

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Did you buy your Facebook stock? Me either. Not hating on Mark Zuckerberg, though. He could’ve sold for $1 billion years ago, but now, take Beyoncé and Jay, multiply them by everyone in the NBA and raise that to the Michael Jackson estate power, and you’re approaching the kind of money Mr. Z is raking in.


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