10 Things to Turn Him On

10 Things to Turn Him On
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 27, 2011

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Once you get to know each other’s bodies sex can become routine. Mix it up by slowing everything down. Bring back kissing and touching. You’ll be teasing yourself too but once you get going it will be explosive.

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Text your man all day telling him what he can expect later. You can also pick a future date and remind him what’s coming. Taunt your lover with a naughty note in his pocket or a detailed voicemail that would make Zane blush.

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Baby, are you going to wear those pants? There is nothing sexy about being your man’s mother. He somehow managed before he met you, right? Give the Mommie Dearest act a rest and your love life will thank you.

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Think erotica. Say, “Baby, I’m curious about watching something sexy with you.” Go for sensual storylines or lush erotic scenes. You don’t have to pick something hardcore unless that’s what you’re into.

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This summer I interviewed men about whether they would try sex toys with their women. Most gave a resounding yes! Shop in person or find a woman-friendly site like Babeland. Even if you just pick up flavored lube it will be a fun excursion.

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We all love the sound of our own names. Using his name often and lovingly is one of the simplest ways to deepen an intimate connection.

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Nothing is sexier than confidence and your man wants to bask in yours. You’ve got good lighting, right? Turn it up and let his tongue be the only airbrushing you’re thinking about.

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Your sex life should be more than horizontal and in your bedroom. If there is always something you’ve been telling him no about, consider a yes.

Say you’re out to dinner with a group. When he goes to the restroom excuse yourself too. Pull him into a clean, private bathroom and pucker up.

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Treat him like it’s his birthday today. Take him on an overnight getaway or just stay home and watch all his favorite movies or games. Give him a sexy spa pedicure, cook his favorite meal and wrap it up with good loving.

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If you’re his favorite good girl curl his toes with naughty pillow talk. If you usually have a lot to say see how he reacts if you bring Miss Prissy Prim and Proper to bed.

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