10 Things Never To say To Your Hairstylist

Make sure you aren’t guilty of any of these quick phrases often heard in hair salons.

Deena Campbell Mar, 08, 2016

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I’m running an hour late!

Girl! Get yourself together. An hour late to any appointment is unacceptable.

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Do you mind if I talk on my phone while you style?

Hairstylists give their undivided attention to our hair and it's often difficult to properly style when your head is constantly moving while on the phone. Try to keep your phone convos to before and after your appointment.

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When are you lowering your prices?

It’s okay to ask your stylist their current prices, but asking when they are lowering them is going too far. Be courteous and don’t assume that they’ll accommodate your financial needs.

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I know you’re almost done, but I don’t think blonde is for me!

Do yourself (and your stylist) a favor and have a plan for your next hairstyle before your stylist begins the new look. It’s very frustrating to adjust your style when you make major last minute changes.

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Will this style make me look fat?

Very rarely does a style actually make you look fat. But, when in doubt, try an asymmetric haircut.

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Do you have experience cutting hair?

Obviously she wouldn't be a licensed professional if she didn't have experience. Do your research before you sit in his/her chair to save yourself the embarrassment.

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I want my hair to be long, so don’t cut too much!

Don't fret, hair grows. It's important to trim your ends to get rid of the damaged ends. So, don't be afraid. Go for it!

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How many people are ahead of me?

We all have limited amounts of time, but don’t rush your stylist very seldom makes her move faster. Plan ahead and have enough time allotted for your appointment.

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Are you using the proper tool?

Leave the styling to the experts. If you have to question what your stylist is doing, maybe you shouldn't vist them.

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What do you mean you can’t squeeze me in until next week?

It's important to understand you're not the only one getting your hair styled. Be smart and plan ahead.


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