10 Sweet, Sensual Nothings to Whisper In His Ear Tonight

Flex your feminine energy and set it off tonight with these hot phrases.

Abiola Abrams Apr, 05, 2016

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We are sensual beings. Flex your feminine energy by skillfully using your words to enchant and delight your partner. In the past couple of weeks I received no less than three (3!!) Intimacy Intervention letters asking  how to “talk dirty.” Sensual talk is an important tool in your love arsenal. Wondering what to say next? Here are 10 sweet nothings to whisper into his ear.

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Oooh, yes. Your partner is not a mind reader. And we all respond to positive affirmation that what we are doing works, if you know what I mean. When the moves are working, be sure to give a strong “atta boy” with “do that again.” An alternative is to say, “yes, just like that.” Be sure that you whisper this only for the right moves. He only wants to please, and if he thinks it works, he’ll keep working it.

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This one will be a major turn-on. Mystery and expectation are two of the sexiest factors when it comes to libido. Whispering that you are not wearing any panties while you are in a crowded room will make for very interesting times. A super hot alternative is to whisper, “Guest what color my undies are.” You can be very descriptive. Turn it into a game.

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Be sure that all of your senses are engaged. Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Need we say more?

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Don’t you want to be kissed like the divine goddess you are? With this one, you are only limited by your imagination. You pick the place on your bombshell body and point it out to your beau. Forehead, neck, belly, toes, lips. Be prepared to be ravished with kisses of the French kind.

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Whoa, there pardner! Bring on the hotness. Buckle up, my darling. Make sure the windows are closed. Soundproof your bedchamber. It’s about to be ON...

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Want to experiment with a little fun, sexy, and healthy power exchange? What’s really good. Sacred Bombshell? Who is really in charge here? If you have a “50 Shades” fantasy, you don’t need any tools or toys to get started. Tell him to make you do it. What is “it”? Whatever you decide...

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Why mess with perfection? This is an oldie but goodie. Why? Because we as human beings are territorial. It is a primal need to know that your partner is all yours. Why do you think he always wants to know, “whose is it?” Let him know before he asks.

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Are you apart from your partner for one day or one week? This is a sweet nothing that you can whisper via Facetime or Skype. Let him know that you need to feel him. Your partner will make a beeline to your boudoir. Try this one today. You may just both cut the workday short.

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Who wouldn’t want to be someone’s addiction? The implication is that he is irresistible and that you can’t get enough. Do you dare?
Let him know how turned on you are. This will turn up the heat whether you have been together for 10 months or 10 years.

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“Please don’t stop.” Yes! “You have me hot for you all the time.” You can’t assume that your partner knows how you feel - in or out of the bedroom. Let him know how turned on you are by his presence and watch the sparks fly. A well-place thank you can be incredibly sexy. Additional goodies include: 

• Wait stop…
• If we were not at dinner, and all of these people weren’t here…
• I never thought I would feel anyone who makes me feel so hot all the time
• You feel so good.
• I love you.

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