10 Signs He's Not Worthy Of Being Your Valentine

Ladies your time is far too precious to be wasted on a dud. Here's how to spot a Valentine's Day bust before it happens.

Charli Penn Feb, 12, 2015

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Ladies your time is far too precious to be wasted on a dud. Here's how to spot a Valentine's Day bust before it happens.

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Valentine’s Day is just days away, ladies. If the guy you hope to steal a moment with this weekend still isn’t ready to officially lock in plans with you, then he's clearly still weighing his options. You’re a priority, not plan B. Tell him you withdraw your invitation

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Is your date still licking his wounds from a rough breakup? Perhaps, he’s in the middle of a divorce, or on a “break “ from his most recent relationship? Sis, these are all major red flags blocking your path to an enjoyable Valentine’s Day date night. This guy should be focused on getting his life together, not wooing a new woman for the sake of a lover’s holiday. Move on for your sake and his.

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If you’re going to be footing the bill for this weekend’s festivities that’s an immediate red flag waving your way. The rules are simple: If he wants the pleasure of your company, he should be willing to treat or you two should agree to go Dutch all the way. No exceptions, ladies!

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There are no rules when it comes to who you spend Valentine’s Day with, or how. If the plans you’ve made with him don’t seem nearly as appealing as the ones your girlfriends have set in motion, it’s time to cancel on this dude – fast!

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If he can’t make time to hear your voice on a regular day, he’s definitely not going to be a great listener over dinner. Next!

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Nothing stings quite like disappoint when you had high hopes for a date. If you’re considering spending this Valentine’s Day with the same guy who turned out to be more of a dud last year, you better think again. Chances are he hasn’t changed, but you can. Remember that when it comes to dating, new behaviors yield new results. Give a new guy a try.

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Office romances rarely end well. If a coworker or manager has extended an invitation to spend Valentine’s Day together and something doesn’t feel right about it, please trust your gut.

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We hate that pesky 80/20 rule, but there are moments when you have to do a gut check with yourself and see if in your case it may just apply. If you’ve already fallen for him, but he’s made it pretty obvious that he’s not smitten with you, it’s time to bow out. The night will be better spent with someone who cares about you – romantically or otherwise – just as much as you care for them.

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If a man asks you not to share your date plans with anyone else, he most definitely has something up his sleeve -- and probably another date, or another woman. Beware and be on your way, girl!

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Don’t ever date just for the sake of it – especially not because it’s Valentine’s Day. Your time is precious and you should be fully committed to devoting it to the people, places and moments that will bring you joy. If you already know you won’t enjoy his company, don’t set yourself up for a forgettable evening. Treat yourself to the spa instead.


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