10 Sexy Ideas for Your Vacation

10 Sexy Ideas for Your Vacation
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 19, 2011

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Play it anything but safe when it comes time to shop for your trip. This includes makeup, clothes, and accessories. Everything from your Swimsuit cover to your thong panties should be sexy from every angle. Don’t forget a silk robe and a flirtatious lip color he’ll love. You want to look your sexiest every step of the way.

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When the mood strikes you, just go with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the side of the road, at a tourist stop, or on your hotel balcony. The passion that comes along with the fear and suspense of possible interruption will light a fire inside you like no other.

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If you don’t need clothes, don’t wear them. Constantly seeing the beauty that is each other’s naked sun-kissed bodies will be an instant aphrodisiac. This includes time alone in the room or an adventure on a private or secluded beach.

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You can be anyone you want to when you’re on vacation in a new and foreign place. Make up flirty-fun code names for each other and use them all throughout the trip, When picking your new pet names, remember think sexy, not silly.

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Whether you’re washing off chlorine or sweat from a day out and about, or rinsing off before you hit the beach, take advantage of every chance you get to shower together. There’s nothing more erotic than a soapy, steamy rubdown from the one you love.

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Imagine being blindfolded on a warm summer night on the beach. While you listen to the sound of their breaths and the calming sounds of the waves, your partner rubs you down with sensual oils and softly kisses your body parts. Does it get any better than that?

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When you go on vacation there are many types of couple massages and spa packages to choose from. Pick wisely. Look for one where you can share a sensual his and her massage for at least an hour, then relax together naked afterwards in the hot tub or mineral pool.

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Food can be a great aphrodisiac. Tempt your taste buds with exotic menu choices, but don’t plan on dining out every single night you’re there. Pick up dinner one evening and take it back to the room, or the beach, where you can eat by candlelight while you feed each other slowly, course-by-course. Then for dessert, have each other. (Wink!)

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Unless you absolutely don’t drink at all, when you’re alone together in paradise you should definitely have a few too many. If you’re a little tipsy you’ll be more relaxed and willing to go where the mood takes you.

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Unless you’re a Kama Sutra master there has to be some sex position you haven’t tried but have always wanted to. Go there!