10 Reasons Why Kevin Hart's #ESSENCEFest Periscope Stream Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Kevin Hart uses Periscope to give his fans a live, behind the scenes look at his busy, high profile schedule. When he arrived in New Orleans, the almost 36 year old dad and fiancé told his fans he had been shooting since 4:30am the day before, and barely got any sleep. Still, the show went on and he performed in front of thousands to close out the NOW PLAYING concert of the 2015 ESSENCE Festival.

Gia Peppers Jul, 03, 2015

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Hopped on his Periscope, only to tell his son Hendrix to tie his shoe again, "for the third time."

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Showed us who the real star of their show is by letting his youngest, Hendrix, pose it up on Periscope. 

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Asked his daughter Heaven to say hi to fans but she wasn't feeling it, so she threw up the "dueces" without showing her face.

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Asked his bodyguard to move out of the way to capture a sweet moment with his fianceé Eniko and his two adorable kids.  He told his fans, "Now, this is what I love to see."

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Took in the sweet moment, only for it to be messed up by a karote kick into thin air from his hilarious son-- who is one of the only people who can make him laugh.

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Allowed his friend to get some shine, only to be let down my his motivationally weak rendition of the phrase, "It's GAME TIME!"

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Smiled because he heard the crowd screaming his name before he walked on stage.

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Leaned in for a good luck kiss from his fianceé, Eniko, before he went on stage. 

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Excitedly gave fans a sneak perk into exactly what he uses to get to the stage in the dark.  "Look, I have to follow this green tape!"

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Couldn't control his excitement because he was about to "make it do what it do."