10 Reasons We Love Black Men

10 Reasons We Love Black Men
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 16, 2008

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“How they carry the burdens of this world gracefully and without complaint.” —Nia, 28, Evanston, Illinois.

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“Every divine energy in nature is wrapped up in Black men.” —Akissi, 26, New York City.

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“Their 31 flavors, from caramel latte to black coffee.” —Tanya, 32, Chattanooga.

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“The way they laugh—roaring with power and conviction.” —Karen, 35, Valley Stream, New York.

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“I love when they run their tongue over their succulent lips with a soft, unintentional wink [as LL Cool J]. I call it the lip-eye thing.” —Taleia, 21, New York City.

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“I especially love my dad, for making do, for being a survivor and for loving my mother and me.” —Mykola, 25, Philadelphia.

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“A brother who is aware and sensitive to family and community, who takes the time to guide our youths, is a blessing I thank the Almighty for.” —Beryl, 49, Somerset, New Jersey.

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“Their mind, their strength, their sharpness.” —Jacqueline, 40, Seattle.

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“When a Black man walks into a room, everyone notices. Brothers’ power is intoxicating!” —Paulette, 30, Chicago.

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“The special way Black men walk. Bass lines and drumbeats fall to the ground with every step.” —Jessica, 30, Atlanta.