10 Quick Ways Lose Weight and Relieve Stress

five ways to relieve stress
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 30, 2008

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Slow dancing with your significant other for seven old-school jams (about 35 minutes) not only torches 100 calories, but will heat things up between you two as well. So put on your red dress, and slip on your high heels….

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What you’ll need: your kid (or someone else’s), some chalk and a button. That’s right. The leaps, leans and spins in hopscotch zap 100 calories in just 25 minutes.

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Wouldn’t your couch look better facing the other wall? And how about swapping out those old photographs on your mantel for the new ones from your latest trip? Yes, it’s time to redo your space. You’ll be pleased with the results, and after a mere 17 minutes of curtain hanging, pillow rearranging and furniture pushing, you’ll be free of 100 calories.

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Indulging your mate with a full body massage for 26 minutes puts him at ease and banishes 100 calories. Just don’t forget to ask him to reciprocate.

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For the New Year, be sure to do a bit more horsing around. Playing touch football and jumping rope can burn a whopping 80 to 140 calories every ten minutes.

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For one week, rate every activity you engage in by how much pleasure it gives you, and figure out how to work more of the high rankers into your day. You may find a ten-minute quickie with your man helps you de-stress better than an hour zoned out in front of the TV.

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During tense times, chant a calming phrase, such as “I’m getting stronger every day,” “There’s nothing I can’t handle,” or “Lord, give me peace.”

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While any level of exercise can help lower stress, research has shown high-intensity activities may do so better. Going for a run? Consider doing sprint intervals or a hilly course. About to hit a step aerobics class? Double up on your risers.

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According to research, not only does laughter heave the ability to reduce your stress levels, but even the anticipation of a good laugh helps tame tension. So decide to go home tonight and watch your favorite comedy for the tenth time, or go to Jokes.comedycentral.com for an instant chuckle by catching short clips of stand-up comedians.

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While having an orgasm, your body releases feel-good chemicals that can bring on happiness or even euphoria. How’s that for a satisfying fix for whatever has you edgy? So blindfold your beau, lock that bedroom door, designate a date night, or whatever else you need to do to block out everything. Then you can focus solely on your climax.


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