10 Not-So-Glamorous Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Happenings

An insider view of the not-so-sexy side of New York Fashion Week.

Deena Campbell Feb, 11, 2016

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When checking in backstage, beauty editors must to sure to arrive at their designated time. If not, you may lose your spot and not be granted access.

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During NYFW, it’s hard for models to catch a break. Aside from bouncing around to show after show, when you’re backstage makeup artists and hairstylists are constantly creating your look all at once.

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Clothing, makeup and accessories are everywhere making it difficult to move around.

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Stylists, makeup artists, models, designers and the media are all in a tiny space trying to make magic happen. Moments right before the show are the most hectic as everyone is making sure the show starts on time.

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Whether you’re a model, designer, makeup artist or with the media there’s no escaping cameras. Everywhere you turn cameras are in your face capturing the moment. Staying camera-ready is a must!

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Because the space backstage is so small, there’s not much room to sit back and relax. Which means finding a place to eat is almost non-existent.

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With all the bright lights and camera flashes, backstage can get very warm. When heading backstage for the February shows be sure to dress in layers!

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There’s a bit of a waiting game that comes with fashion week. Often models are waiting for the designer or makeup artists to arrive. And, even after they’ve been styled, there’s often a wait for before the show starts. Best thing to do is grab your phone and entertain yourself.

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How crowded it is?! It can be a zoo!

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There’s always laughs and giggles and excitement for the upcoming show!


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