10 Mood Killers to Avoid

10 Mood Killers to Avoid
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 30, 2011

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It’s hard to feel sexy when your mind is on a million other things. We get it. If you’re having trouble managing all that you have going on in your life right not, it’s time to simplify, and fast. You need to clear your head in order to relax and go with the flow.

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If you like to unwind with a bottle of wine when you get home from work, this could be the reason you’d both rather just hit the sack. Yes, alcohol can help to loosen you up a bit and put you in the mood, but it’s also been known to affect your sex drive.

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If there’s a big pink elephant in the room when you’re together, it’s about time the three of you got acquainted. Ignoring issues between you, be they big or small, is a surefire way to put out the sparks between you. Talk about it. It’s as simple as that.

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Are you on medication? The answer to your low libido could be buried within the fine print. Flip over the bottle and read up on the side effects. Many prescription drugs can and will affect your sex drive. If this is the problem, speak to your doctor about swapping out your medications.

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Sex drive and confidence go hand in hand. The only way you’re going to feel good about getting intimate is if you feel good about yourself. Obsessing over putting on a few extra pounds or how well you perform between the sheets could be what’s keeping you out of them.

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If you don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, your body won’t have enough time to recharge. If you’re running on half a tank of gas, it’s no surprise that your sex life is losing steam.

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It’s not often the easiest thing to admit to yourself, let alone your lover, but the truth is that sometimes you’ve lost interest in sleeping your lover because you’re no longer emotionally or sexually satisfied to him. It may be time to fess up.

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Depression is a leading cause of a decreased libido. If you barely want to get out of bed, you’re not going to want to be intimate. Seeing a therapist and being proactive about seeking help is the first and most important step. A professional can help you work on feeling like yourself again.

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If you think he may have stepped out on you, his chances of getting you to sleep with him are slim to none. You won’t be able to “go there” again until you get to the bottom of your suspicions.

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When two people stop communicating, secrets begin to stack. It may be hard to reveal what you’ve been holding back, but doing so could once again release your inhibitions. Keep it real with one another to ensure the trust between you is always there.