10 Last-Minute Gifts for Your Girlfriends

10 Last-Minute Gifts for Your Girlfriends
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 16, 2011

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You know that friend of yours who has so much junk in her purse that you’re scared to even reach in there? She needs one of these babies. It’s a cute, handy patent high-gloss finish cardholder from COACH that will help her keep up with the most important stuff. The rest, well, there’s no helping that.

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So your best friend is kind of a diva, huh? Mary J. Blige’s award-winning My Life fragrance belongs in her beauty bin. A vibrant blend of fruit, gardenia, tuberose, and cashmere wood oils, this perfume packs a sexy punch that’s sure to awaken the senses.

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For your music-loving buddy, this trendy combination of comfort and sound will be right on time this winter. Choose AEO Earbud Earmuffs one of four different colors, and hook it up to any mp3 device.

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Now here’s a thought-provoking gift idea. For the writer in your life, why not give them ultimate journal? The Q&A a Day 5-Year Journal prompts you to answer questions about each day of your life, so you’ll be able to look back on the way you really saw the world, and how you lived life to the fullest — a writer’s dream.

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For the friend who can’t keep one polish color on her mani-pedi, this nail color kit from OPI makes moving on easier than ever. This just might be their most fierce color combination yet. She’s really going to love you for this one.

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Fashion and function collide with the iHome Table Lamp. It’s compatible with all Apple mp3 devices, including the iPhone 4S. With items this genius around, you’re never too old for a night light, right?

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For your favorite fashionista, how about a glam new addition to her winter wardrobe? The Studded Shimmer Bracelet from Anthropologie will fit right in.

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If she’s all about a healthy home-cooked meal, she’ll love the idea of growing her own herbs. (Especially in pots this chic.) RedEvelope.com’s Culinary Growing Kit is available in basil mix, herb mix, salsa mix, or salad greens.

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Not that you’ll ever stop giving your girlfriends your awesome dating advice, but should you ever be slightly unavailable, this book will be there for her instead.

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Let’s face it, practically no one has a house phone anymore. For the friend who talks on the phone so much at home she should probably still have one, there’s this. The iClooly Phone Handset and Sync Stand is the perfect combination of old and new.


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