10 Fall Beauty Must-Haves

We hate to say it, but summer's over. Farewell sun-drenched beachy weekends and glistening smooth legs. Here are 10 beauty items under $10 that you'll need to make it through fall.

Virginia Lowman Sep, 28, 2015

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Of course you apply lip balm throughout the day, but you really need moisture during the night! Your lips should get the same treatment that your face gets. So, when you apply that night time moisturizer, show your pucker some love too. A quick swipe of this citrusy balm will ensure that you wake up with super soft, super smooth lips, ready to face the day!

$7.50, available at bigelowchemists.com

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Cleansing wipes are a busy girl's saving grace. These wipes by &Other Stories are alcohol free so you they won't be drying or harsh on your skin. Use them as a midday refresher or to remove your makeup before washing your face at night. 

$8 for 20 sheet , available at stories.com

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Add a little luxury to your bath time ritual with this nourishing bar soap. Oatmeal, milk, vanilla and vetiver make for the perfect suds-y getaway at the end of a long day.

$8, avaialble at anthropologie.com

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You'll need an extra dose of moisture as the temperature starts to drop. Why not start amplify your routine starting in the shower? Calming chamomile and other skin goodies like olive and orange oils make this formula ultra nourishing. Massage into your skin while you're in the shower and rinse thoroughly. Finish with your favorite body lotion.

$7.99, available at hm.com

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For cooler temperatures heavier scents are best; and you won't have to worry about heat or humidity making them overbearing for your friends. We love this sexy scent from drugstore favorite, Flower Beauty. Spritz on this "Sultry" scent right after the shower or as a quick refresher during the day for a scent that smells of peony, jasmine and patchouli and lingers after you leave.  

$8.97, available at walmart.com

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Perfect on it's own or layered over a lipstick, this balm is great year-round, but especially in the winter months. With healing ingredients like fermented papaw, your lips are sure to have all the moisture and nourishment that they need to be chap-free, flake-free and crack-free all winter!

$8, available at urbanoutfitters.com

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Cool temps and red lips go together like strawberries and sugar—they just work! This long-wearing true red lipstick looks good on all skin tones and it's also moisturizing.

$8.06, availble at asos.com

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Check scaley, dry skin at the door with this all nautral body oil. Vitamin E, almond, and lemon oil make this is the ultimate skin healer and the perfect compliment to your winter skin arsenol!

$8, availablet at burtsbees.com

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This Korean beauty staple is sure to become a favorite! Kiss dry, cracked nails good bye with this affordable but ultra luxe treatment that's chock-full-of talon-strengthening ingredients. Slip the individual masks over each fingertip and let the serum go to work, replenishing and strengthening your nails!

$3, available at urbanoutfitters.com

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When fall hits, you need a mani that fits the season. Shades of violet always look good on brown skin, but we're loving this plum cinnamon shade by Essie and its racy title. 

$8.50, available on at essie.com


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