10 Facebook Slip Ups That Will Ruin Your Relationship

10 Facebook Slip Ups That Will Ruin Your Relationship
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 25, 2011

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Airing out your dirty laundry or bragging about your sex life on your Facebook status is a major no-no and something your boo won’t soon forgive you for.

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Re-tweeting your friends’ comments about your love life or allowing them to dog out your man on your

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Posting super sexy pics on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed to make him jealous will most likely backfire. Keep those private moments, well, private.

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You accidentally send a tweet to your ex that was supposed to be a direct message. There’s no turning back after that!

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If you say you’re going to be somewhere, then get caught checking in to FourSquare or Facebook from somewhere else, you’re definitely in for some drama. Be careful what you share.

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Allowing a friend to tag you in a Facebook photo where you’re clearly flirting with someone else.

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Posting on your ex’s Facebook wall is a major no-no if you want to keep the peace between you and yours. Even if it’s friendly, it’s still not necessary if you’re in a new relationship.

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If you don’t delete inappropriate comments from your exes posted on your Facebook wall or photo, your significant other is going to want to know why. It doesn’t send a good message their way.

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If you unfriend or unfollow him prematurely, he could still be offended long after you’ve gotten over your tiff.

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Leaving subliminal messages in your tweets or Facebook status updates can leave your partner wondering what you’re up to, and will make them suspicious when their may be no reason to be. Say what you mean and mean what you say and it will translate just fine.