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Our roundup of 25 things to do, download, and frequent on a budget.
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 25, 2008

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Having fun doesn’t have to be costly. Here is our roundup of 25 free things to do, download, and frequent without busting your budget!

Get your groove on at Slacker.com, where you can tune in to 10,000 artist-specific channels for free. Plus, you can be your own deejay and build a customized station.

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Check out Moments-Notice.com for low-cost fares to the Caribbean at last-minute discount prices and get a free 3-day getaway for a second trip after booking select cruise packages.

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It’s your ticket to mounds of free books, magazines, CD’s and movies.

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Swap clothes, toys, and furniture with other eco-friendly people at The Freecycle Network (freecycle.org). In addition to meeting new people, you’ll help reduce waste and save resources, while benefiting the community.

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If you’re tired of receiving tons of pre—approved offers from credit card companies, then opt out. You can remove your name permanently by signing up at Optoutprescreen.com or calling 888-567-8688.

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Get a break from cooking on Tuesdays by taking the kids to restaurants like Lone Star Steakhouse and Denny’s where kids eat free with a paying adult. (Some restrictions may apply.) Log on to KidsEatFree.com to find participating restaurants in your area.

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This is the perfect time to stash your cash in an interest-bearing checking account, where your funds earn money. Try ING Direct’s Electric Orange checking account, which pays between 1.7 percent-3.4 percent in interest with no minimum balance required.

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Wal-Mart.com offers free samples of all kinds if you want to try it before you buy it. Savvy shoppers have already loaded up on hair care items, cleaning supplies and greeting cards. Or check out a manufacturer’s Web site for handouts or write a company and ask for one.

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Many museums and galleries have free admission on certain days or during certain hours, and frugal shoppers can even snag discount movie tickets. Just log on to your town’s local Web site to find out when to go.

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Black Friday is here! It’s the biggest retail shopping day of the year. Avoid long lines and fighting over that last pair of $10 leather gloves with the fur lining by perusing the Web. Freeshipping.org, which has access to more than 850 stores, offers to bring you the goodies, no matter how much you spend, at no additional cost.

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