10 Celebs Who Rep Their Home State's Personality Well

We all know that Queen Latifah is hardworking, and new research says it may have to do with the fact that she's from New Jersey. The team at Truity, a website that offers personality tests, surveyed 13,000 Americans to find out if various personality traits were more common in certain states. Turns out, they are! We decided to compile a list of our favorite celebs to see just how accurate the findings are (Spoiler: very accurate).

Taylor Lewis Mar, 16, 2015

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Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment has been around since 1995. The production company has helped to develop Beauty Shop, The Perfect Holiday, Just Wright and Bessie. In 2013, Netflix signed an exclusive deal with the film distribution company for the service to have a first opportunity to offer films to streaming subscribers. 

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Home State: Texas
Personality Trait: Hardworking Extrovert
Why We're Not Surprised: This talented Texan is paving her own way. For years, she has quietly been working on building her own brand all the while owning her eccentric and enviable look. She's not afraid to stand out, and we love, love, love her for that.

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Home State: Pennsylvania
Personality Trait: Unconventional
Why It's So Fitting: Kevin Hart has built an empire. Our ESSENCE Fest headliner has climbed the ranks from a local funny man to one of the most highly sought-after comedians of our time. He unapologetically does his own thing, calls his own shots and has turned into a comedic king. 

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Home State: Maryland
Personality Trait: Abstract
Why It's So Fitting: If it weren't for Issa, we wouldn't have the gem that is "Awkward Black Girl." We've all gone through our awkward stages, but Issa, thinking outside of the box, was one of the first to bring our struggles to the mainstream world. We bow down to Issa for making awkward Black girls cool.

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Home State: Alabama
Personality Trait: Resilient
Why It's So Fitting: Our ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood honoree made history when she landed her debut role on "Orange is the New Black," making her the first trans woman of color to land a leading television role. Laverne once opened up to ABC News about how she was bullied through school—and once attempted to commit suicide—but she has expertly weathered the storm and come out on top.

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Home State: Minnesota
Personality Trait: Focused
Why It's So Fitting: Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine an undirected Prince. There's a reason Prince has been at the top of his game for decades, and we're willing to bet that he would have lost his luster a long time ago if he weren't unwaveringly focused.

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Home State: Louisiana
Personality Trait: Open-Minded
Why It's So Fitting: We knew there was something unique about Quvenzhané ever since we saw her in Beasts of the Southern Wild. We must have been picking up on her Louisiana roots. According to the researchers, the open-minded Louisianans have an appreciation for the arts and "other intellectual activities." That explains why 6-year-old Quvenzhané nailed that role in the indie film!

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Home State: Illinois
Personality Trait: Flexible
Why It's So Fitting: JHud is able to go from one project to the next without breaking a sweat. From a contestant on "American Idol" to her unforgettable performance in Dreamgirls to an upcoming stint on Broadway, Jennifer is one to go with the flow (and crush it).

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Home State: Hawaii
Personality Trait: Hardworking Extrovert
Why It's So Fitting: Behind every great man is a great state. Should it come as a surprise that the president of the United States is a hardworking extrovert? Maybe not, but we should be thanking Hawaii for turning Barack Obama into President Obama.

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Home State: California
Personality Trait: Open-Minded
Why It's So Fitting: Tracee has been the voice for the underrepresented. She's reppin' us curvy girls and natural sistas on Black-ish, and she's trying her hardest to get the rest of Hollywood to open their minds and embrace Black women in all of our glory once and for all.