10 Celeb Carefree Black Girls We Love

The carefree Black girl movement is flourishing and oh so fly. Just check your social media feeds for the hashtag and you’ll be inspired seeing Black women presenting an alternative narrative that doesn't paint us as angry, attitudinal or combative. #CarefreeBlackGirl shows us loving life, wearing our hair however we like, traveling where we want to, breaking the rules when we need to, and simply being carefree. Here are the celebrities who embody the carefree spirit of the movement.

Imani Brammer Jul, 28, 2015

1 of 10 Amandla Stenberg/Instagram

The Hunger Games starlet, #BlackLivesMatter advocate and outspoken social media truth-teller (ahem, that cultural appropriation shade was epic), has just released a new EP with her band Honeywater, in which she sings and plays violin. This 16-year-old lover of all things Black, natural and alternative (she did go to prom with Jaden Smith), is definitely a poster child of the Carefree Black Girl movement.

2 of 10 Getty Images

Badu is the Mutha of all things carefree. From her debut album, Baduizm, in the 90s, to now, the Dallas native has continually charted her own lane.

3 of 10 Solange Instagram

Solange is THE carefree Black girl of our time. Head on over to her Instagram and immerse yourself in her colorful, eclectic style—and let's not forget about her music. Solo sings the kinds of songs you'd hear while feeling the vibes at a poetry showcase, sipping homemade lemonade out of a mason jar, or simply being lovers in the parking lot with your beau. Pun intended.

4 of 10 Janelle Monae/Instagram

Janelle Monae's recent song, "Yoga," touches exactly on why she epitomizes the carefree Black girl movement so well. Although she wears the "crown on [her] head but the world on [her] shoulder," she sings on that she's still, "too much a rebel, never do what [she's] supposed to." -- while doing yoga. Carefree Black Girl in full effect.

5 of 10 Michael Rowe

Guitar-strumming singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas writes soft ballads about life and love. Through her eclectic sound, La Havas presents an alternative narrative of what it means to be a Black British woman.

6 of 10 Sza Instagram

Cool girl SZA is all about creativity, positivity, and an eclectic soul meets indie folk vibe we love.

7 of 10 Instagram

Rihanna has stepped out braless in nothing but a transparent tank top and a pair of jeans and sat front row at a basketball game with legs crossed and head up while being completely unbothered. For that matter, she's stepped out absolutely nude, because she cares that much less. Come for Rihanna and she will clap back faster than you can blink in response. We call her Bad Gal Rih Rih, but is it that she's bad, or simply carefree? We'll go with carefree, fab and loving it.

8 of 10 AP Images

A look at the young meditation aficionado's Instagram and you'll end up in a whirlwind through her universe, where she waxes poetic on cosmic energies, crystals and more. Willow is carefree and out of this world. Literally.

9 of 10 Zoe Kravitz Instagram

Daughter of the original flower child, Lisa Bonet, Kravitz is carving out a carefree Black girl lane of her own. She leads the alternative band, Lola Wolf—with its slow tunes, funky vibes, trippy visuals and chill lyrics—and is also the ultimate boho-chic red carpet walker.

10 of 10 Zoe Kravitz/Instagram

Lisa Bonet is the O.G. carefree Black girl. Bonet—who first captured our hearts as Denice from The Cosby Show—laid the blueprint for generations of eclectic ladies to come. We'll always love her dreads, vintage clothes and fun-loving hippy lifestyle. She's seen in the photo here holding her baby, Zoe.