10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 6

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 6
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 12, 2011

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Shh, attorney Phaedra Parks is in court. The “superstar lawyer” (her client’s words, not ours) gets her client Dave off the hook for having overly tinted windows and that illegal green substance so many folks love. How’d she do it? A good lawyer, she says, knows the judge. Thatta girl, Phaedra!

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NeNe is none too pleased with the conditions of she and Cynthia’s swanky NYC hotel. She’s convinced that she has spotted a bug, and a rat might be next.

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At NeNe’s professional/personal lunch date with her Italian business partner, Famous Famiglia founder John Kolaj, she is serenaded with uncomfortable imitations of Black women, an expensive pen, a pair of red bottom shoes and an awkward song. You’ve got to give it to the man for doing-the-most.com.

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Over at Chateau Sheree, Sheree’s mom shares that she also struggled to get child support years ago from Sheree’s dad. Sheree hopes her children will break the cycle of single parenthood.

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When Kim and her family head to their final doctor’s appointment, she grabs everything that’s important. “Don’t forget my wig,” she screams. Girl, the wig is the least of your worries.

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Mama Joyce is looking for love (via a senior singles site) so she heads over to Kandi’s for a va-va-voom makeover and photo shoot. A girdle, hair and makeup later, and Miss Joyce is ready for her closeup, honey!

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Finally, a tender moment from Kim Zolciak. With the possibility of pre-eclampsia, our favorite foul-mouthed pregnant woman is forced to check in to the hospital. As Kroy puts it, “if Kim’s not cussing, she’s not ready for this baby.” After painful contractions and a few expletives, she gives birth to Kroy Jagger. The best

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Oh no he didn’t! After contemplating taking legal action against her ex, Bob Whitfield, for refusal to pay child support, Sheree gets served papers…by him. The ex-NFL star claims that he only makes $3000 a month and can’t afford to pay child support. Hmph!

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Cynthia spills her guts at dinner with trimmed-down celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster…you know, the guy who styled her wedding and is now 80 pounds lighter. Cynthia is still regrets leaving New York and is till unsure about how happy she is with marriage. Wowser!

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Cynthia meets up with her ex boyfriend, mogul Russell Simmons (who cheated on her, by the way), she walks away with a new name for her agency (The Bailey Agency: School of Fashion) and a reminder that she’s “still got it.”

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